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  • Blog Post: Limbo Review: A Surreal, Ingenious Adventure

    Limbo is another refreshing take on the puzzle genre, like Portal and Braid before it. While I would not put Limbo right up next to those two games in terms of overall innovation and inspiration, Limbo is definitely one of the most interesting, and certainly the most beautiful Xbox Live Arcade game I... More
  • Blog Post: All around great game

    I was hesitant to download this game at first simply because it seemed bland and colorless, literally. However, color doesn't need to be present to make this game outstanding. It got frustrating at times, although I can chalk that up to personal impatience, but the game is solid. I would highly recommend... More
  • Blog Post: Mind the Deadly Traps, Kid

    Score: 8.75/10 LIMBO Developer: Play Dead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Release Date: July 21, 2010 Cost: 1200 MS Points / $15 Pros: Gorgeous and stylish look, stunning presentation and overall atmosphere, Intuitive physics puzzles that really make you think, forgiving checkpoints for trail... More
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