LIMBO is a game just like an ordinary 2D platformer, but dark atmosphere and challenging puzzles make the game shine.

This game is the second game that I play for this generation, and i'm excited not only for that, but for have the honor to play a game where you have to take your brain to the limits.

You are a boy, who find himself in LIMBO, he wakes up and began his search for her sister, on the way he will find all kind of obstacles that he has to beat to continue.

That's pretty much the plot of the game, I could tell more but will be spoilers so I won't, one thing is certain, there will be parts in the game where you will see strange, rare and inexplicable things that may confused you, but if you take time and try to remember what really happened you will get your conclusion.

Story: Confusing, good, bad or rather unfinished depending on what you believe. -8-

Gameplay: HARD, the puzzles will make you suffer and may get you upset in no time. -10-

Graphics: Dark, somewhat scary and very good detailed. -9-

Sound: From low volume to high with great sound effects. -8-

Overall: Must play, while playing this game you won't only push yourself, you will be happy each time when beat a puzzle only to get into another one. Very challenging. -8.75-