Never before has a XBOX Live Arcade title impressed me as much as Limbo. This game offers a unique experience that can only be realized through playing the game for yourself. Because of the absence of dialog and story, players are unknowingly put into the shoes of this little boy. After taking his first steps into the world of Limbo, curiosity as well as imagination begin to run wild. In a way, Limbo becomes a story that develops according to the player's interpretation of the eerie environment and disturbing desolation. 

The surprisingly simple control scheme allows any skill leveled player to pick up the controller and begin exploring. What's even better is that these simple controls allow for a wide range of movement and physical interaction that don't really allow players to get bored very easily. Along with the interactive environments, secrets lie strewn all about the world and can unlock achievements and further completion of the game.

I would highly recommend this game for anyone who simply enjoys puzzlers as well as side scrolling adventures. But don't expect the game to be that simple. Because, unlike other titles out there, this game makes the player feel and really taps into something else that's never been explored in gaming before.