I rarely download Xbox Live Arcade games. Most of the time, I don't hear about the great ones. Sometimes, I just don't want to spend the money on a game so short in length or small in scope. Thankfully for GameInformer's review, I was able to find this game and download almost as soon as I read it.

This game is an experience. The art style is incredible, as anyone will tell you. The puzzles are altogether challenging, rewarding, and incredible. My heart pounded more than it ever did while playing Resident Evil or Dead Space, or any game in which horror was the goal.

The only thing I can truly complain about were the sometimes unfair deaths related to a few of the puzzles. I do not mean the ones which require trial-and-error, for that is most of the game. What I do mean is those rare occasions in which you do figure out the puzzle, and for some reason, you are unable to execute it because of circumstances beyond your control or because of a split second misstep. This was rare, however.

Many who gripe about the game will examine its lack of plot, and at first I would have agreed. But along the way (at least, if you knew about the little bit of story there was to begin with), you begin to truly care about the boy you guide toward his sister. Each death, although beautiful, pains you a little. This in itself is amazing. Those two eyes beaming out toward the screen and toward his path become your doorways to the boy. I did not need cutscenes, nor did I need speech bubbles or dialogue in order to get goosebumps when the boy passed through the barrier after the last puzzle and your character seemingly started over. I did not need an explanation when those two eyes met his sister's and you knew that the nightmare was finally over.