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  • Blog Post: Cloud's Isn't The Only Final Fantasy VII Costume That Will Appear In Lightning Returns

    Aerith Gainsborough (or Aeris if you prefer) will be making an appearance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Or rather, her clothing will. Among the many, many costumes available in Lightning Returns, Aerith's iconic pink dress and bouquet of flowers will be one of them. It's unclear exactly... More
  • Blog Post: Lightning Borrows Yuna's FFX Dress In The Latest Trailer

    The latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII showcases only one dress, and it's a familiar one. Much like Lightning's ability to wear Cloud from Final Fantasy VII's familiar outfit , as well as many, many other familiar and unfamiliar costumes , Lightning can also don Yuna's... More
  • Blog Post: Lightning Returns Video Showcases Over 40 Costumes

    It may not have been made entirely clear in Final Fantasy XIII or its sequel, but Lightning's character is apparently a huge fashionista. The trailer showcases more than 40 of the different outfits that Lighting will be able to wear during the final part of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. They go... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Costume Pre-Order Bonus Added To Lightning Returns

    Pre-orders for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are getting an added bonus that will definitely please fans of the PlayStation era of Final Fantasy. Putting down a reserve on the game will finally give you the opportunity to make Lightning cos-play as one of the most popular characters in Final... More
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