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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Shops And Customization Options

A new trailer for the conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy shows off the game’s shops and some of the different ways Lightning can equip herself for the battles ahead.

We mentioned some of the included customization options in our New York Comic Con preview. The video shows off some of the different schema, how to alter their colors, and the different ways to customize each to different play styles.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out on February 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can read a recent preview and interview with the team here.

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  • Mod

    Awesome! I can't wait for this.

  • I would buy this game just for the customization

  • Ok I can't wait for the game but enough showing outfit edits we know that already. I don't wanna see anymore spoiling gameplay nor more of these outfit changes so I'm done with Lightning Returns articles here since japan has it this year someone gonna effing spoil the story see you Light next year I still gotta effing pre-order this game ugh!!.

  • While kinda silly, I think this is important for an RPG. Not just making sure that items you're equipping visibly affect your character model, but letting players adjust the color and stuff. It's an RPG, you're going to be seeing these characters (or, in this case, this one character) for awhile - you HAVE to let players take some ownership over that. If I want my character to wear blue, they should be able to. What we need though, is an RPG to finally let us choose between point upgrade and visual upgrade. Every time you buy a new item, you should have the tried-and-true option to buy it & equip it, as is. Or buy it (for the improved stats), but make it LOOK like whatever you have currently equipped. Just in case you dig the look of your character at the moment. It always happens. It's always good to see single-player JRPG's adapt the whole "new equipment visibly changes your character" thing that CRPGs have done for awhile now. I find it funny that the supposed "old fashioned" Dragon Quest did this years before, on the DS no less, though :) Good step forward, Square. Don't go backwards for FFXV though. Noctis should be able to do this too. Only emo gamers, or Tetsuya Nomura, will want to wear black for the whole game.
  • Now people will understand what's for costumes.

  • Lightning's dull, emotionless face is killing any excitement I have for this extremely in depth and TOTALLY not being shoved down our throats customization system.

  • I'm looking forward to the customization and complex system interface for this latest take on Final Fantasy XIII. ^_^