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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Shops And Customization Options

A new trailer for the conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy shows off the game’s shops and some of the different ways Lightning can equip herself for the battles ahead.

We mentioned some of the included customization options in our New York Comic Con preview. The video shows off some of the different schema, how to alter their colors, and the different ways to customize each to different play styles.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out on February 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You can read a recent preview and interview with the team here.

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  • I keep my distance from gameplay videos and trailers but I'm going to watch this one. Btw, still waiting for the announcement of a Limited/Collector's Edition.

  • They may as well call this FF13: Fashion Edition.  All they have shown are costumes and customization.

  • Lightning Dress up, the game. I don't even know what the story is in this game.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Cosplay Compendium

  • I might check it out if it comes to PC, I hear the combat is actually pretty good.

  • I wonder if the clock would give you enough time to play dress up.

  • Square Enix is focusing a lot of attention on the costumes.  I have not nearly seen as much story/gameplay videos of this game as I have costumes and customizations.  

  • As much as everyone know's I love Lightning but this outfit sh*t is starting to really irritate me. I'm all for customization an all but this has gone way, I mean way to far with outfits. Claire/Lightning's personality doesn't even add up with half these outfits. Come on Square you gotta do better then that. It's already bad enough that your pissing off some of your long devoted fans with the 13 series trilogy let alone making the fan's who have backed these game's look quite hilarious as to why. Should have stopped the game where the 1st one ended and let Lightning go down as a historic FF character instead of dragging this on to a 3rd game where it looks to me will be America's Next Top Model FF Edition mixed with the end of the world. I have been so stoked for this game to finally give me an ending that us fan's truly deserve and now I don't know if I even want to play, just because of the most important key I've seen so far is Lightning can change outfits... (Sorry for my Rant everyone, which I rarely do)
  • wrong date, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out on February 11, 2013. Should be 2014.

  • Since I enjoy lots of different customization options, I think this is a great feature that should add to the FF XIII experience. And, I don't think this is a bad feature like most are thinking. This seems to be something optional that you can do if you want; you are not forced to spend half an hour changing the color of her skirt. And, on the contrary, this is the first customization trailer I've seen instead of a story trailer, but I do agree that it has mixed in a lot of screens of the cat ears, outfits, etc. Seems like a good idea, but thankfully the game has this thing called a battle system and story to set the experience. As stated above, this is just an optional feature. -RGC
  • Super Mega Ultimate Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Super Kawaii Dress Up Simulator!

    I can even see the commercials with the Japanese girl and the sideways peace sign she throws up in front of her face as she shouts out how kawaii all the dresses are.

    Bad SquareEnix.  Bad.

  • That skirt is ridiculously short...
  • SE Writer: "Aren't you ever going to put together a trailer that showcases the story? You know, that thing we've been working on since the last game?" SE Marketing: "No, financial suicide isn't real high on our list of priorities at the moment. It'd be great if you could write in a pillow fight somewhere in the story, though."
  • looks awesome. the only problem is, everyone is gonna want to wear what they think looks the best, but how can you do that when you need to wear what's best for stats?

  • its kinda of looks like princess Ash's costume from FF12

  • This game gonna be cool! But! I can't wait to get Cloud DLC! I love that BIG sword! Anyways Lightning/Claire looks like the daughter of Cloud & Quistis ( If you don't know one of the HOTTEST ladies in Final Fantasy games! and in my opinion. HOTTER than Tifa! Shame on you! )I can't wait to get this!!
  • can't wait for XV, cause u actually party with other people, unlike this one, cause all the gameplay i've seen is just light fighting.

  • While I do agree that they should focus a bit more on story, the combat, graphics,and game overall looks phenomenal. I've read many comments below that say that they are just focusing on costumes and such, but they've also released more story related things, such as the Inside Enix vid. Lastly, I would hardly call a vid that's less than two minutes a "trailer".

  • "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out on February 11, 2013"

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