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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Costume Pre-Order Bonus Added To Lightning Returns

Pre-orders for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are getting an added bonus that will definitely please fans of the PlayStation era of Final Fantasy.

Putting down a reserve on the game will finally give you the opportunity to make Lightning cos-play as one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy's history. Along with getting Cloud's Soldier 1st class uniform, you will also get his buster sword, a soldier band, and the Final Fantasy VII victory fanfare and animation, all of which you can see in action in the trailer below.

For more on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, check out the E3 demo, and the E3 trailer. Lightning Returns is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 February 11, 2014.

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  • That is...awesome. Probably the most compelling FF-XIII trailer I've seen yet, frankly.

  • Ahhh, i just saw a dynasty warrior 8 trailer...for the 100th time. My god please show something new, your killing me.

  • Is it sad that this would be the only way i'd get back into the final fantasy series? I also love how they're cognizant that Final Fantasy 7 is the most popular Final Fantasy....but they're not gonna remake it. they can make 13-2 and 10-2...but not at least 7-2??? Square maaaaaaaaannn!
  • Well being a fan either way of FFXIII regardless what people say. I think this is rather cool. Pretty much pre-ordered my copy before hearing this. So really.....just adds more to the cake of lies. Delicious and yet all air. I am willing to eat it as I know what to expect and don't have a high bar set like a lot of you Final Fantasy fans seem to be. Lower that bar and may enjoy it. After all Square is not the same it was after buying Enix. Got to lower the bar people. As Square Enix has learned from their Marketing predictions. You can't beg for something and choose to get it at the same time. Just have to enjoy what you get. As that is life.
  • Always knew cloud was a woman at heart lol.

  • i like FF13 and FF13-2, and i'm going to buy this one when it comes out, there i said it. I LIKED FF13...
  • I personally don't use costumes like this, because it seems to throw the story off. Why the hell are you wearing that? Oh, I don't know, some dude pre-ordered our game and thought it'd be cool if I wore this.

    Yeah... Doesn't really work for me. Still, it's sort of neat. Hopefully the armor and weapon are actually good. I do like the fanfare though, that's cool.

    Also, I personally never thought Lightning resembled Cloud in any way. They don't look the same, they don't act the same, they use different weapons, they have different genders...
  • Mod
    I don't know, costume packs for rpgs just seem way off for me :/ It was bad when XIII-2 did it and i still stand by it for this. A new characters, or side mission or something more fitting seems better imo. The homage for VII is kinda nice but is no incentive for me to want to get the game. Grats for those that are getting it I guess. Imo, they should have left XIII where it was and actually worked on a new start for FF
  • Guess I'd better go pre-order...

  • I think that the Cloud Strife costume from the Advent Children movie would've been a better look for Lightning than this one. I wonder if they'll make a Genesis Costume from FFXII Crisis Core or even a Sephiroth costume.

  • Lol, Lightning as Cloud- what's next?
  • Everyone is missing the point here.  The story of the game is going to be about Lightning slaughtering those poor cactus guys and then blaming it all on Cloud.

  • Where are my Tidus and Squall outfits.

    We complain when they give her sister a "girlie bow weapon" and now complain about Lightning's womanhood issues.

  • Seems they are really trying to push that Lighting is a female Cloud.

  • Umm, alright...

  • she's wearing a cloud uni.....FF7 HD remake confirmed.
  • I don't plan on getting this game, but I have to admit, Lightning does look good in Cloud's outfit. It's actually quite funny really. Before XIII came out, I always thought she looked and acted like a "female Cloud" on the ads.
  • Instead of giving memorable tip of the hat to FF7, for the love of god just do a remake please... Please, Please!!

  • One wonders why with such a large fanbase, why doesn't Square-Enix just go ahead and make an HD remake of FF VII.

  • Yawn! I brought FF 13-2, you need to do way better than this SE. BTW my favorite character from Final Fantasy is Balthier, not Cloud.