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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Trailer Gets Down To Business

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and this one doesn't waste any time with exposition. Instead, it shows off the game's combat in loads of quick-fire hits.

Players will take on enemies in real-time battles, where Lightning has to effectively evade incoming attacks before punishing foes with her own. Players will be able to customize her with loads of gear, which will help her shatter through enemy defenses. Some opponents have special requirements that, when met in battle, will stagger them temporarily and leave them open for a deadly response from the player. 

You can see how it works and more in the clip below.

The game is coming out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, including a special $89.99 collector's edition. To see what you get in that package, check out the unboxing.

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  • I might this game. I haven't been excited for a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy 8.
  • It looks interesting, but it still just seems kind of meh to me.
  • I did like the battle system in the demo. I like having more control of her in battle, instead of changing to paradigm s and waiting. The changing of outfits is a little weird, but I'm interested to see more of the combat styles with them.

    Not a day one purchase for me, but I'll get it when it drops down in price later this year.

  • I don't know why I clicked in here, I stopped playing FF games nearly a decade ago.

  • I played the demo and really enjoyed the combat system pretty excited to jump into it.

  • ...poor final fantasy, now is a fashion show...unlike...
  • It would be funny to see game sequels follow this name. Resident Evil 7: Jill Sandwich Returns.

  • Watching that trailer convinced me more that I need to get into this series... would XIII and its sequels be a good place to start?
  • Preordered from Square (terrified since it is DR doing the fulfillment...) But after playing the demo last night I can't wait to start playing.

  • From the demo this looks like it is going up on my list of favorite Final Fantasy games along with I, III, IV, V, VI, IX, XII, XIII, and XIII-2.
  • Honestly, I found the demo extremely entertaining. I'll probably buy this.

  • The demo was really fun and like many the tactical real time combat was fun and a refreshingly new combat mechanic in this FPS generation. The demo made me wish that I already played the trilogy's previous two games so that I felt comfortable grabbing this one.

  • I thought XIII was ok. I put 20+ hours into XIII-2 and I tried, but I did not like it. Anyway, the latter makes me skeptical of this intallment. I will wait to see what Gameinformer says about it before deciding to play.

  • The demo got me interested that's for sure. But I'll wait for a 3 pack with all three games in the series.

  • I am excited for this game. I really like the last 2 installments. Granted they are not for everyone and take a lot of critiscism and changed up how final fantasies are done. However you have to give square enix credit for trying something different.

  • Mod

    I played the demo and really enjoyed the combat. I like the control I have over Lightning. I can't wait to get the full game!

  • I can't wait! I've had this game pre-ordered for almost a year now, can't wait to get my hands on it finally.

  • Man I can't wait...Lightning vs BULBASAUR!!!!

  • They really did a great job in changing the battle system! Played the demo when it came out and I ended up preordering the game because it was so fun. Let's hope this one is better than XIII-2.
  • The demo made me super excited for this game. I was weirded out by the "outfits" at first, but when I played the demo, I realized it was just the job system Final Fantasy has always had. The only difference being you change jobs in-battle. It's pretty awesome. Story-wise...well, Lumina seems pretty cool. That's about it, lol the actual plot premise makes no sense. But it's all good. I wasn't expecting a killer story from this anyway. FF XV, on the other hand, better deliver.

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