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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix Gives You A Guided Tour Of Lightning Returns

A new trailer gives us our most detailed look at Square Enix's Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII yet.

The trailer is dubbed a "guided tour", and you'll see why. A narrator takes you through nearly every element of the game, from the world to the details of character customization. Extensive time is also spent breaking down the game's new focus on direct control and action elements. It's a new direction for Final Fantasy, and one that's looking very intriguing.

  • Guide me through my wardrobe! I think the hardest decision (and where the most strategy will come into play) is choosing what to wear while you kill enemies. This is the first news I've heard in a long time related to this game that isn't costume related.
  • hopefully this doesn't suxxorz
  • As excited as I am for this game, I will say that this trailer was rather cheesy. I could have done without the commentary. Take that part away and just have music and sound effects it would be great. I really cannot wait for this game to release. February cannot get here quick enough. This installment looks to be a great and impressive game!
  • People may complain about FF XIII being too linear, FF XIII-2 having a confusing story and having QTE's, and Lightning Returns: FF XIII for looking like an action RPG but remember this.... These people are also the ones that are gushing over FF XV and from the trailers they have released it looks like it will be all of this rolled into one with the only difference being the characters and main focus of the story.
  • Staff
    Looks pretty nice. I'm going to finally get around to playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 during my holiday break.
  • I still don't get how the timed event work, is it an in-game clock? and it so how does it compare to real time? Or could it be handled in real time and you only have 13 days to finish the game once you create your file? If it's the second one, it would have been better off as a handheld title.
  • Looks good but i cant keep going back to FFXIII spin offs. As much as i love me some FF there are too many other great titles on the next gen systems to play right now. Ill def be keeping my eyes on FFXV on next gen systems tho.
  • Well, it looks better than the 1st two FF13's... A couple things I hate that make me stay away: 1) No permanent party members... just Lightning. Has anyone ever complained that a problem with Final Fantasy was that you had a party? In any case, it was something I enjoyed about the series that is very lacking in this release. 2) Global countdown to the end. So long 100+ hours of game time played. That's another thing about the series I enjoyed that they took away. 3) Too much action focus. They fixed a system that didn't need fixing in my opinion. Final Fantasy games had a feel to them, even though the games changed over time. Now they have changed too much; that feel has been lost.
  • I must say by looking at this Game-Play it look's like it has a lot of the same comparison's to Nier.. Which is a great thing. That game was way under-rated and this is actually looking downright pretty cool. Can't wait for it
  • Ugh, this is probably the one game I have been undecided on for any game ever. I played both, loved the first one, the second one not so much. Lightning you are my favorite character for Final Fantasy.

    I like the more actiony combat, but that timer kind of turns me off. I may get this later down the road when its cheap.

  • The disappointment I've had with XIII and XII-2 are big. but with my love for RPG's I just can't past this up. Hope the story is good.

  • You can Run an Jump! An move during combat! Revolutionary!!!!!

    Actually though this may be a final fantasy game I might actually play.... I tried the first FF13 game and returned it the day after I bought it (I got it used from gamestop). There just wasn't any player choice, you were guided down narrow corridors and fought lame enemies accompanied by overly dramatic music and then had to suffer through the hideously acted story. Lightning Returns looks like it fixes many of my major complaints, although maybe not the voice acting......

  • Hmm... I cant remember the last time I played as a female fashionista Jesus with game-play controls like running, rolling, climbing, AND jumping. And who can forget to mention using a button mapping battle system where you can freely move around your character without constantly opening a menu! This is the best FF game yet. Don't even get me started on how excited I am to customize my wardrobe when ever I please...
  • I'm getting so friggin` excited, it's not that far away now.  The two series I am downright passionate about this console gen are Final Fantasy XIII and Dark/Demon's souls.  Soon I'll have a new entry for both. That was an informative vid for it as well, that has me even more stoked, because I saw a lot of customization options for Lightning that go beyond just colors for outfits.  I'm wondering if these time gates for some of these places will be similar to the temple puzzles of Final Fantasy X?  Couple these games with Final Fantasy X, and the possibility that South Park the Stick of Truth actually releases this time, and isn't half bad, and I'll be set for the rest of the year.

  • This game looks so weird. XIII was a solid Final Fantasy. The main change was the linearity, and it's not even as extreme as people make it out to be. Final Fantasy has always been linear, to a point. You're given a field, and one place to go. Think of the world map as a giant corridor. Of course they all open up eventually, but so does XIII. XIII-2 was good, but it was so damned goofy, it was hard to take seriously as a core FF title. So I didn't, and I had a lot of fun with it. I've been back and forth on this new title, but after watching this, I both want to play it, and don't really like it. It's taking the goofiness of XIII-2, and adding in a ton of new systems, to make it more action adventure style. It's cool, but... weird. I guess it just looks unfocused. You run around as Lightning and play dress up and mini-games, and I've seen very little info on the 'main story'. There's a doomsday cult, and... Yeah, that's about all I got. The rest of the cast has lost their minds, and Lightning is more worried about battling in an arena and cross-dressing than her supposed mission to save the world. It just doesn't sit well with me. The gameplay does look fun, and I of course have to finish out the trilogy, so I will play this, but I'm having a really hard time deciding whether I'll enjoy it or not. Time will tell, I suppose.
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    This is looking to b really great! I need to go pre-order this!!!!

  • Enough with Lightning and XIII. Final Fantasy XIII is undoubtedly the single worst FF game ever created (with the exception of the first FF14 Online). And yet Square keeps making iteration after iteration of that horrid game. They have completely turned me off of FF. It used to be one of my all-time favorite JRPG series and now I won't even consider buying it.
  • It feels like Square-enix is using the XIII sequels as game play experiments to me. I'm hoping this trilogy ends on a high note.

  • I can't wait, the last two games have been judged WAY TOO harshly in my opinion.
  • i have to admit, this looks really good. its closer to what we've all been wanting out of final fantasy again i think. side note: i wonder if that steve blum doing the trailer commentary
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