3DS owners I suggest you go to the E-Shop and purchase this game ASAP. While this game isn't a 9/10, it definitely warrants a buy from you if you have the extra dough.

As you can see in my cheesy-non original Title it says short and sweet. That pretty much sums of this game. It's not very long, but it is very fun while it lasts.

 You are a girl who is the President who wears a giant Mech suit to save the city. You can totally tell that this game has Grasshopper Manufacture written all over it. The cut-scenes and chatter in this game are terrific while the visuals are lacking quite a bit. I wouldn't let the bad visuals scare you off though as this game is fun as heck. It's a very nice game to just sit down and blow stuff up. The music that plays while you are blasting your way through the landscape is pretty fun to be honest. It's kind of a pop/rock Japanese style but it definitely goes very well with everything that is going on. To a certain extent the music reminded me of The World Ends With You which had the best music ever for a DS game in my opinion.

The controls are ALMOST like Kid Icarus, but a little bit better. Yeah sure after long periods of play your hand can cramp up, but this game isn't really meant for long periods of play anyways.


Since the game is short and sweet this is how I am going to leave my review. I would say get this game and enjoy if you are a 3DS owner. If you are NOT a 3DS owner it's definitely not a system seller by any means.