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Leviathan: Warships

Leviathan: Warships Pimps Its Naval Strategy With Jazzy New Trailer

Selling a naval based turned-based strategy game to a wider audience is tricky, so Paradox Interactive hired a Barry White style narrator to read off the game's virtues to the sound of a smooth jazz soundtrack.  

Does this '70s style pillow talk make you more interested in commanding a naval fleet, upgrading ships with powerful new weapons like laser cannons, and participating in asychronous cross-platform multiplayer battles on the high seas? Find out for yourself by watching the trailer below:

Leviathan: Warships also includes a cooperative campaign with nine missions, a battle recorder, and an offline mode for hermit admirals. The game is scheduled to release for PC, Mac, iOS, and select Android devices on April 30. If you want to pre-purchase the $9.99 game for PC, you can do so here.

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  • Paradox has quickly become one of my favorite developers. Excellent trailer for an otherwise missed game!

  • If by "jazzy" you mean it has jazz music in the trailer then I'll buy it the day it releases.
  • This ad is one of my new favorite things!

  • Free shipping... If you know what I mean. But really, it's digital...

    I like the Jazz, the guys voice seems a little off, and it was far too cheesy for the smooth style they were going for.

  • Never before have warships been so smooth.

  • Turn based naval tactical battles?  You already had me, the narration was just icing on the cake.  Classic!

  • I hadn't heard of this title but I dig the premise. The fact that their trailer didn't try to cater to the masses by blaring "O Fortuna" over a sequence of numerous ships exploding also leads me to believe that the game itself will be tailor made for the people who would enjoy it most.
  • Great trailer.  Nice to see a unique promotional trailer.

  • ...
  • lol WTF xD

  • *applauds*  Loved watching that.  Oooooh yeah.

  • Looking to be something intriguing.