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Let's Fish! Hooked

Let's Fish! Hooked On Coming Next Week

PlayStation Vita players will be able to toss out a line or two next week, with the release of Let's Fish! Hooked on. The game combines anime-inspired visuals with a storyline and special abilities.

The game is from Wired Productions, which comprises team members who worked on games including Sega Bass Fishing and the PSP version of Ape Escape. The Vita exclusive is set for a January 29 release on the PSN for $19.99.

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  • Is there an actual demand for fishing games?
  • The title of this article is rather unfortunate.... Hooked on coming next week
  • Oh yeah, I've wanted a fishing game for so long now (sarcasm). Seriously though, an anime inspired fishing game?
  • Lol.

  • only 9 different fish, but over 250 lures? seems kind of lopsided.

  • Fishing Resort for the Wii is actually pretty fun.  Its also anime inspired, and has hundreds of fish, and marine life.


  • This looks fun--but then again, I enjoy fishing in real life. I wish they had made a fishing game based on the Tsuritama anime.

  • while i havent played a fishing game in FOREVER i dunno i might buy this to support the dev i mean they took a chance mixing themes like this that are so different i hope it has lots of RPG like elements to keep interest

  • I... just... It's moments like this that make me understand why some people don't take game design seriously.
  • Finally!  The Vita has it's AAA killer app!


  • i really hope that games like this don't die off.  as games become more and more realistic and hardcore, odd quirky titles like this seem to be drowning with no help insight.  i'm playing ribbit king right now, and just love games with simple premises, and odd appearance with quirky charm.  i hope more and more games like this make there way to the vita, because they really have nowhere else to go.  i love games like this, and am hoping that development cost for games lowers this next gen, so i can see a fair number of these games on those consoles.