OK, maybe Leopold, the titular star of Leo's Fortune isn't really a Stalin lookalike. 1337 Game Design's hero is more like a cross between the infamous Russian leader, Cookie Monster, and the most adorable Scrubbing Bubble you've ever seen.

The little, fuzzy, blue inventor is on the trail of a thief who has stolen his gold. The title, which is coming to iOS, is compatible with physical controllers (I used one made by Steelseries). Given the precise, physics-based platforming, having the tactile input mechanism is important.

Leo can jump and float to the ground, or propel himself downward. These simple options, in combination with Leo's ability to stick to looping pathways make for enjoyable moments that borrow a bit from Sonic's classic 2D adventures (without the excessive speed).

Leo's Fortune is fully voiced, with lush art and some tricky level design. As I was admiring the beautiful backdrops and rolling through Leo's adventure, I learned that the title is being developed by a team of three. I've seen far less impressive endeavors from much larger teams.

Leo's Fortune is not designed to be a meat grinder, but players should expect to run into spikes and fall of cliffs as they get the hang of things. The penalty for perishing isn't severe, though. 1337 has done a smart job of creating checkpoints that send you back only as far as the hazard that killed you.

As Leo progresses on his journey, following the trail of golden breadcrumbs, he'll unravel the mystery of who stole his fortune. His suspects? Leopold's equally adorable family members. The adventure will take players through five different regions and a variety of scenery, including a mine and a rainy mansion. We'll find out who robbed the adorably mustachioed main character when the title arrives in April.