Leisure Suit Larry returns in a remake of the original classic that started it all.  And it's not just a 1:1 rehash, either.  The story has been extended, the puzzles changed, and the graphics updated to a new generation of adventure game fans.  But, it still retains the charm that Al Lowe brought back in 1987.  If you're a fan of point-and-click games, you won't be disappointed.

You play as everyone's lovable loser in a quest to get laid.  The overall story is the same.  Lose your virginity before the night is over in the fabulous Vegas parody of Lost Wages.  You start out in front of a seedy bar and you're dumped into the game without much money or a clue.  That was the fun of games back in the day.  The hand-holding was at a minimum.

If you've already played the original EGA or VGA remake then you'll already have an idea of where to start, but it might be a bit more daunting for someone new to the franchise.  The good thing is, though, that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is clickable and most have unique responses.  And all lines are spoken.  And the humor is still there.  Al Lowe and Josh Mandel did a phenomenal job in reviving the Larry franchise and the love they put into it shows thoughout the whole game.

For the amount of money raised during the Kickstarter campaign, Replay Games and N-Fusion did a great job.  It's not perfect, but it sure damn well comes close.  If you're feeling nostalgic and want a little raunchy fun you can't go wrong with Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Reloaded.