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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga



Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

The Phantom Menace (20 points): Finish Episode I in Story mode.
Attack of the Clones (20 points): Finish Episode II in Story mode.
Revenge of the Sith (20 points): Finish Episode III in Story mode.
A New Hope (20 points): Finish Episode IV in Story mode.
The Empire Strikes Back (20 points): Finish Episode V in Story mode.
Return of the Jedi (20 points): Finish Episode VI in Story mode.
Collector (60 points): Unlock all characters.
Secret Master (60 points): Collect all available red bricks.
Going for gold (60 points): Collect all available Gold Bricks.
Mini Mayhem (60 points): Collect all mini-kits.
100% (100 points): Complete the game to 100%.
Lightsaber Master (20 points): Perform 20 unblockable combo attacks.
Lightsaber Defender (20 points): Perform 200 perfect lightsaber deflections.
Dodger (20 points): Perform 200 blaster character dodges.
Stormtrooper Slayer (20 points): Destroy 300 Stormtroopers.
Droid Slayer (20 points): Destory 300 droids.
Fighter Ace (20 points): Destroy 50 TIE fighters.
Yee Haw (20 points): Ride all mounts types & ride-ons.
Cash In (20 points): Sell your landspeeder to the Jawas.
Crowd Pleaser (20 points): Break Jar Jar 20 times.
Slam Dunk (20 points): Destroy 5 people with one attack - Jedi super slam.
Harmless? (20 points): Disable 5 Droidikas with R2D2.
Fire in the hole! (20 points): Destroy 10 characters with one thermal detonator.
Let the Wookiee Win (20 points): Pull 25 arms off other characters.
Disco King (20 points): Set off all three Discos.
Use the Force Luke (20 points): Death Star Trench Run without firing.
Bar Room Brawl (20 points): Start a Cantina Fight with 50 casualties.
LEGO build-master (20 points): Make 100 Build-its throughout the game.
Gopher (20 points): Max out the Stud counter.
Cloud Cover (20 points): Finish Cloud City still wearing a helmet.
Follower of Fashion (20 points): Wear every hat.
Undecided - Crossover (10 points): Destroy Anakin with Vader.
Love is... - Crossover (10 points): Destroy Jango Fett with Boba Fett.
Unfaithful - Crossover (10 points): Destroy The Emperor with Darth Maul.
Did I Break your Concentration? (10 points): Destroy The Emperor with Mace Windu.
Nobody Expects... - Revenge (10 points): Destroy The Emperor with Kit Fisto.
Hands Off! - Revenge (10 points): Destroy Anakin with Dooku.
Who needs Obi-Wan? - Revenge (10 points): Destroy Darth Maul with Qui-Gon.
Strike me down - Revenge (10 points): Destroy Darth Vader with Obi Wan.
Arcade Master (20 points): Get 100 points in Arcade mode.
Online Player (20 points): Play through an entire level online.
Shoot First (20 points): Unlock Han Solo and Greedo, play as Han Solo and shoot Greedo on sight.

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