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Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean

Plundered From Past Installments

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Second Opinion:


The LEGO version of Captain Jack Sparrow is every bit as charming and weird as his silver screen counterpart. His drunken prance is beautifully captured, and his magical compass brings enjoyable treasure hunting gameplay to Traveller’s Tales’ established LEGO formula. The remainder of the content – while drenched in Pirates of the Caribbean tones – could easily be in any other LEGO game. Hardly any of the gameplay takes advantage of the license. Yes, there are sequences aboard pirate ships, but they are only used as backdrops; you never get to control them outright. When stacked up against Traveller’s Tales’ other LEGO games, Pirates isn’t nearly as ambitious as Harry Potter or the latest Star Wars; its design falls more into the realm of Batman and the early Star Wars titles. Regardless of the somewhat dated design, Pirates is another enjoyable brick building venture.

User Reviews:

  • 6.50
    however the fact that this game has HUGE freezing/glitch issues is a major flaw and downfall. Just earned the 10th ship in a bottle, and found the 7th compass item..."CRAP!!!" Has happened to me more than few times, and it REALLY is frustrating. I was told it was my console (PS3), but NONE...
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