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Lego Minifigures Online

Funcom Drops Lego Minifigures Online Reveal Trailer and Screens

We finally get a look at Funcom's Lego-themed online MMO.

Funcom announced that it was creating a Lego MMO a while back, but we've had to wait to get a look at it. Judging from this trailer and screens, the title looks to be fairly ambitious in terms of the variety of the Lego universe that it hopes to bring. Still, as with any MMO, how well the game executed on a technical level will be the difference between success and failure.

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    Goodness. These Lego games are being churned out at light-speed.

    Next Up:

    MineCraft: Lego Edition- Ever feel that your creations lacked the Lego charm? Well, no more! Sure, nothing is changed gameplay-wise, but now everything has a nice, lego-y sheen to them.

    Call of Lego: Brick Ops- Because you can't quick scope when your hands are made out of clamps.

    Lego's Creed: Builderhood- Since characters in the Lego universe can't actually die by normal means, you're going to have to use a lot more stealth. Also, your feet are made of bricks. So, good luck with that.

    Lego Noire- With the whole "victims can easily assemble themselves back together again" thing going on, investigations just got a whole lot simpler!

    League of Legos- Yeah, I'm out of puns. I'm sorry.

  • Oh yeah, because their last MMO was such a huge success (Secret World).  Unless they are truly innovative (which they won't be) they're going up against huge amount of competition.  This seems like it'll need to compete with Skylanders and Disney Infinite too.

  • I loved Lego Universe, and I collect the minifigs, but not sure if I will pick this one up.
  • Anyone else think it's funny that Funcom also made Age of Conan, an MMO full of violence and nudity? Kind of a departure, no?
  • Hahaha nice, LEGO!!!!

  • My reactions.

    Video starts playing: "Seems rather corny, if you ask me."

    Character intros continue: "Yeah, this definitely won't be as good as Lego Univ-"

    Lego Universe music starts playing: "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

  • looks cool

  • Isn't there already a Lego MMO?
  • I gotta hand it to them. Funcom doesn't quit haha.

    I didn't mind TSW, I liked the theme and I thought that was well done. Just wasn't sub-worthy at the time.(I know it's gone free since I played, but that ship has sailed)

  • Looks fun. That's really all I gotta say about that. Funcom looks like they have capably copied the tone, animations and style of Traveler's Tales' single player LEGO games. Good for them, I guess. I just don't see why this needs to be an MMO, or why Funcom seems exclusively interested in just that genre.

    Even Dreamfall Chapters had to be set up at another studio, made from ex-Funcom staffers JUST so they could make something that wasn't an MMO. It just seems weird is all. Are Conan and Secret World really that successful for them, that it's worth never doing anything else?

    Maybe it won't just be a standard MMO then? Maybe it'll incorporate some EQ Next, or Minecraft, like elements? A LEGO MMO where players don't build world objects seems like a bit of a waste. But then again, this is specifically focusing on the Minifigs, so I'm not expecting building to be a big focus.
  • Oh my gosh, I'd totally buy into this game!!

  • Seems interesting, I hope this turns out well.

  • Wasn't there just a Lego mmo that flopped? Maybe release it on console and it will fare better.
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    The trailer did little to explain the promo art with the giant Lego woman in the water, as tall as a pirate ship. (Shingeki no Lego?)
  • Anyone remember Lego Island, Lego Racers, LEGOLAND?????

  • I really just wish this was a LEGO Univers 2. Also, it seems like there's no customization or loot, which may turn me off completely.

  • That minifig is HUGE! Oh wait, it's just flying...

  • Looked like Lego Halo for a sec. there. I'm always a sucker for Legos, but. . . I don't know. I'm just happy with the Lego console games for now, just don't have the time to sink into an MMO by default. The sheer amount of Lego games kinda makes one pick and choose and leave out the rest, and I wonder if that ultimately hurts Lego's own game line-up.