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  • Blog Post: Lego Marvel Exclusive: Behold, The Mighty MODOK

    MODOK is undeniably one of the best villains in the entire Marvel universe. It only stands to reason that the supergenius – an acronym for "Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing" – would zoom over to Lego Marvel Super Heroes and show the rest of the bad guys how it's done... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Vehicles Take The Spotlight In The Latest Collection Of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Screens

    They may not be people (or super-people), but the vehicles of the Marvel Universe still serve an important iconic role, and many will be making an appearance in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Above, you can see Hulk posing with the X-Men's X-jet. He's leaning near the X-jet without actually touching... More
  • Blog Post: Goofing Around With Mr. Fantastic

    Galactus is coming to eat the world. Dr. Doom and Loki have teamed up and are making dastardly schemes. Only the world’s cutest superheroes can save the day. After Dr. Doom blows up the Silver Surfer's board, the pieces are scattered across the world. Marvel’s roster of heroes decides... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Favorites Grace The Newly Revealed Cover

    The box art for Lego Marvel Super Heroes is available for fans to see. There's been a lot of news on the upcoming Lego title— from trailer reveals to developer interviews and, of course, tons of screenshots . Although the box art features only 11 heroes, over 100 unique characters will be unlockable... More
  • Blog Post: LEGO Marvel Exudes Comic Book Charm

    Though Warner Bros. owns DC Comics and rival entertainment monolith Disney owns Marvel Comics, the two corporations have put their differences aside in the name of gaming. Marvel Super Heroes is the first LEGO game to feature the classic comic universe, offering up the series' trademark gameplay... More
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