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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Vehicles Take The Spotlight In The Latest Collection Of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Screens

They may not be people (or super-people), but the vehicles of the Marvel Universe still serve an important iconic role, and many will be making an appearance in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Above, you can see Hulk posing with the X-Men's X-jet. He's leaning near the X-jet without actually touching it so that he can impress people by convincing them that it's his vehicle with the photo. In the gallery below, you can see more of the recognizable vehicles that will be appearing in the game. So far, TT Games has confirmed that the Cloud Rider (which was designed by 14-year old fan, Thomas), the Deadpool Scooter, the Fantasticar, the Magneto Mobile, the Pumpkin Chopper, and the Spider Copter will all show up.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC on October 22. The game will also be a launch title for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For more on Lego Marvel Super Heroes, check out our coverage from when the game appeared on our cover.

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  • Nice. I always liked Jean Grey's X-Men Gold uniform best.

  • the lego craze just needs to die off already.
  • I love the magneto mobile. Probably one of the most well designed vehicles of the century. It doesn't even need gas.
  • As long as I can fly in Shields oversized airbase, I'm good.
  • Meh. In these superhero open world games, the vehicles are totally the lamest way to travel. In LEGO Batman 2, flight was the preferred method, whether with Superman or other characters once you unlocked 'em. And zipping around as the Flash was also awesome. I suspect that LEGO Marvel Heroes will make moving around with Spider-Man or Iron Man way cooler than jumping in any vehicle. Oh, and of course, LEGO Stan Lee :)

  • Vehicle transport is fine when you have the lay of the land in open world, but so much can be missed if you are not out there on foot!

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  • is this game gonna be cross buy  for ps3 and vita ?