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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Exudes Comic Book Charm

Though Warner Bros. owns DC Comics and rival entertainment monolith Disney owns Marvel Comics, the two corporations have put their differences aside in the name of gaming. Marvel Super Heroes is the first Lego game to feature the classic comic universe, offering up the series' trademark gameplay with over 100 characters.

As the first Lego Marvel game, Marvel Super Heroes has been designed by TT Games to incorporate a wide swatch of the universe, drawing from all forms of entertainment, be it classic comics, films, or cartoons. Throughout the game's 15 levels (a mix of open world and more traditional confined levels), you see iconic locations like Grand Central Station and Thor's home world of Asgard. Alternate versions of major characters based on various incarnations from film and comics are also in tow.

The characters have all the unique abilities you'd expect. Captain America can deflect laser blasts with him, Iron Man can hover and shoot repulser bolts, and Spider-Man uses Lego webs to traverse high platforms. The demo we saw teamed Spider-Man, Iron Man, and -- memorably -- Hulk as they platformed through Grand Central Station on their way with a showdown with a huge Sandman made up of swirling Lego blocks (clearly inspired a sequence in the film Spider-Man 3). The Hulk transformation sequence was adorable, as Bruce Banner squats down and flexes his arms in comedic rage before growing to twice his size. Lego likes the in-game Hulk so much that it's actually going to manufacture a larger sized Lego Hulk figure (along with a few other larger characters from the game like Abomination).

Switching between Hulk and Bruce Banner plays in with the puzzle solving, as you'll change back to Banner to platform to a switch, then back to Hulk to pull a giant sized switch. Every character will use their abilities in a similar fashion, whether it's Spider-Man using his webs to pull down a tower and Spider sense to uncover hidden items or Thor using his hammer Mjolnir to activate electrical switches.

In keeping in the new series tradition, the game has voiceovers, including a playable role for sarcastic fan favorite Deadpool.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will release in late 2013 for all next-gen and current-gen systems. A separate handheld game for Vita and 3DS is also planned.

  • That headline says it all Mr. Helgeson. Would've loved to see a lot more of the open-world of the Lego New York in the game, but getting to finally hear some of the voice acting was a welcome addition. Come to think of it, if Asgard's in the game, what is the status of the open-worldness of the game? Is is divided between several open-worlds, or is New York just a really big hub? Lego Marvel's looking like my most anticipated Lego game ever. Hope Traveller's Tales' work pays off.

  • What!? Deadpool isn't playable!? DLC? PLEASE!? My dreams of playing the merc with a mouth in two separate video games, one in LEGO form and one regular...have been terribly and utterly squashed. *tear
  • Wait, Deadpool isn't playable? excitement for this game just seriously decreased. I'm actually considering not getting it anymore, that is incredibly disappointing.
  • He is playable,what are they talking about,why the hell would they include him in the game if he wasn't?I wouldn't worry guys, might just be a wrong fact:/

  • I want Lego Marvel vs DC!!
  • One of my most anticipated games of the year. I'm really looking forward to this!

  • Mod

    Oh man! This looks like it'll be tons of fun, as one would expect.

  • Looking forward to this.  I really enjoyed LEGO Batman 2 last year.

  • I can't be Deadpool? No reason to buy this now..

  • Can't wait.

  • Good to know, was skeptical of the games authenticity but now i know im getting it.

  • Deadpool isn't playable? Why not? He was on the cover of the Game Informer magazine, so it seems that he'd be an important and main character! Plus why would you go through the work of voicing and animating him and not just letting players play as him? He has huge fan base, let us play as him!

  • deadpool is playable but just not in the main story

  • Well, the LEGO games are always humorous and charming to begin with, so I'd expect so.

  • I'm proud to admit I'm going to be 20 with a son & a daughter on the way & I can still lose myself in the extremely fun creativity of Legoing!