Lego Marvel Superheroes is the best lego game to date. It provides the unique story delivered by a lego game yet. Its open world is a lot easier to get around than the open world featured in Lego Lord of the Rings. The side missions within the open world are l a lot more fun and a lot less annoying then in previous Lego titles. And, The Deadpool bonus levels just add to the fun and are simple enough for me to play with my little sister. The controls in this game are more complex then previous Lego games which adds a bit more fun to game for teenage gamers like myself but the controls can also be played on a simpler level for the younger gamers. To summarize, controls that are easy but can become more complex. The strongest part of this game is its giant list of unique characters. Lego game shave always provided large casts of characters but never have they been this unique. Each character is worth earning and trying out in the open world. Finally, the game stays true to the characters and the Marvel universe. True Marvel fans could spend hours just flying around New York as Iron Man or swinging about Times Square a s Spider Man. The only negative that comes to mind is that the player is unable to enter any iconic buildings like Stark Tower and The X-Mansion in the open world. But I look forward to improvements like these in future Lego games to come in next ten consoles.