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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

New Screenshots Reveal Heroes Battling It Out On Asgard's Rainbow Bridge

New screenshots offer the latest glimpse into Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The next installment to the Lego franchise will take fan-favorite heroes Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Captain America and more to Asgard to battle it out.

It looks like even Loki will be making an appearance, although he is not the first enemy confirmed through screenshots.

You can play as the tot-sized heroes September 30 on the Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and Playstation 3. 

For more information and videos, click below on our Lego Marvel Super Heroes hub.

  • Yes but how does that make you feeeeel?
  • Vita will probably be a port from 3DS... too bad... would love to see the full game on the system. but that's the dowry for handhelds...
  • I lost count after Lego Batman 2, will they stop, it's like CoD now.
  • Odin's beard! I can't wait for this game.

  • interesting

  • Shiny.
  • My only problem with this game so far is that the characters' appearances are based on their movie counterparts.  I just think that their original comic book costume designs would translate better in LEGO form.

    Still looking forward to the game, though.  LEGO Batman 2 was one of my favorite games released last year.

  • Looks awesome, i love the lego games.

  • Is the blonde guy that's not Thor the Human Torch?
  • Very excited about this.

  • Pretty much Lego Marvel Ultimate Alliance

  • Looks awesome!  Can't wait!

  • I cant wait! :)

  • This game is going to be so cool!

  • This game looks freaking amazing.

  • LEGO games are so charming.

  • If this game turns out anything like Lego City: Undercover, but with superheroes, than I'm putting this on my Wii U shelf stat.

  • I haven't payed a whole lot of attention to the Lego games recently, and let me just say that their graphics are really impressive now. I want to play their Lord of the Rings, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Lego Batman 2 looks good, but I'll probably pick up LotR first.

  • is the guy with long blond hair johnny storm or someone else?
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