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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Favorites Grace The Newly Revealed Cover

The box art for Lego Marvel Super Heroes is available for fans to see.

There's been a lot of news on the upcoming Lego title— from trailer reveals to developer interviews and, of course, tons of screenshots.

Although the box art features only  11 heroes, over 100 unique characters will be unlockable in the game this fall.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be coming to all next-gen and current-gen systems.

For more news on the latest Lego title, visit our Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hub by clicking the banner below.

  • Sweet, should be a good game.

  • See that stupid hair piece that's on Mr. Fantastic? That's the exact thing I need, and they don't even make it like that. I was trying to make the perfect comic book version of Ra's al Ghul, and that's the only thing missing.
  • So three of the fantastic four make it Kinda biased
  • It's still weird to see Warner Bros. and Marvel together...

  • I approve of this cover.

  • Remember when Spider-Man used to be the focal point of anything Marvel related. Now it's Iron Man.
  • Man, this game is gonna be aweesome!
  • I will get the game regardless, but im really hoping ant man and iron fist are in.
  • Can't get enough of these Lego games. Looking forward to the eventual crossover with DC, because, there's gotta be one, no?
  • I luv the Lego series games... This one should be great

  • Wolverine looks a lot less menacing with Lego claws.
  • That's one cool looking cover art.
  • Already saw this yesterday from IGN. Still as awesome. I hope they don't let us down with this one, it'd be the most disappointing of the year to me. Sorry Remember Me. I want me some plastic clobber'in time!

  • I love that Iron Man is front and center!

  • Pretty cool cover art.

  • I love marvel and I love lego games. This should be great. Nice cover.

  • God I can't wait for this! Gonna smash some blockheads!

  • It needs more X-Men! Wolvie has been on about every super hero team in the Marvel U.

  • That is so wrong. "Warner Bros." publishing "Marvel"-anything, I mean. Everyone knows Warner Bros. is DC and Disney is Marvel. The logistics behind this thing are mind-boggling to me. Or maybe I'm just bitter because LEGO Avengers here means we didn't get LEGO Batman 3/LEGO Justice League this year instead :( ... probably a little of both.
  • Please let the Young Avengers be in this game, at the very least put in Wiccan and Hulking.

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