Everyone has seen or played the Lego games.  Whether it's watching your cousin blast through Stormtroopers in Lego Star Wars, or you actually playing them, fighting Voldemort in Lego Harry Potter.  And everyone has to except it: they are great games! The most recent addition, Lego The Lord Of Te Rings, is, without a doubt, my favorite of them all.  Let's see why.  First of all, I am a HUGE Lord Of The Rings fan.  I've read the masterpiece books, and I've seen the incredible movies.  And I've played the wonderful video game.  Traveler's Tales played a clutch move by making this game an open world.  I was so tired of walking through a door to get to a level, and Traveler's Tales stopped my pain.  The open world allows for many fun quests, building items with Mithril Bricks, and walking around Minas Tirith.  That made me love the game.  Also, the characters are all so much fun to play as! Breaking Morgul items as Aragorn wielding Anduril, using magic as Gandalf, or screeching very loudly as The Witch King, all the characters brought a smile to my face.  The levels are also top notch.  The puzzles are very fun to navigate, and tracking down all 10 treasure chests (minikits) is extremely entertaining.  I had a couple prbolems with the game though.  At multiple times in the game, my character wouldn't be able to move, but he could do everything else, such as swing his pan around.  (I was playing as Sam Gamgee.) That occured more than once, and it was very frustrating.  I also saw some unfinished enviorments, which surprised me, because all the other graphics were stunning.  But don't let that stop you from buying it.  It's is a great agme, probably one of, if not, Traveler's Tales greatest Lego games.