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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Lego Superman Is A World-Class Jerk

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is coming this summer, and the sequel predictably delivers a host of new features. The biggest addition is the new open hub world, which Warner says spans 500 square miles. A new trailer and batch of screens show off the giant area, as well as a side of Supes you may not have expected.

Is the Man of Steel actually a huge troll? That's what I'm led to believe after watching him use his laser vision to blind helpless citizens (a blatant violation of the Geneva Conventions) and acting like a sarcastic jerk around Batman. Take a look at the trailer and gallery below and see for yourself.

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  • I havent got a lego game in a while, but this looks promising

  • on an un-related matter, I talked to someone yesterday wearing a Superman top. I was like, 'So, how's it going Kal-El', to which they replied, 'Who's Kal-El'. Huge conversation regarding how Clark Kent is Kal-El's human name. They didn't understand. /nerdproblems... Anyway, getting this game, completed the first 100% and un-locked Ra'as Al Ghoul.
  • i might have to make my girlfriend play this for making me play lego Harry Potter
  • Silver age superman use to be the biggest tool back in the day, maybe they used that for inspiration in creating his character. and the trailer really impressed me, this game is looking surprisingly promising i may pick it up when it comes out.

  • When did they start talking in Lego games? Or is that just for the trailer? Either way, I'll probably be getting this, the first Lego Batman was a great way to get some gaming time in without having to concern myself with a story or complicated mechanics.
  • LOL I actually laughed when I saw that because,..who would expect Superman to say something like that. Maybe thats the point here, Superman is so straight laced that a fart has to fight to find its way through his atomic ass cheeks. That clip right there gave good ol Superman some much needed character.

  • Well that made me chuckle... I think this game could be fun.

  • Wow, they talk!  That's new.  Loved the 1st Lego Batman, only Lego game I beat.  Happy to hear the amazing Danny Elfman score.

  • I shall buy it

  • It looks like Superman is going to be the kind of character that is perfect and (nearly) impenetrable and is cocky because of it. The LEGO games have always put a unique spin on these classic characters and this looks just as creative as ever.
  • For some reason, seeing Superman in a video game makes me shudder. (I wonder why.....)
  • Lego Gotham City looks great, too bad I won't play this game.

  • They... they... they were speaking!!

  • Don't know why they didn't just call this a Justice League game, I guess they want be seeing TDKR and associating it with this game.

  • I'm surprised not everyone knows yet what a massive *** Superman is.
  • With all those characters, i wonder if Nightwing is in it
  • My son is going to eat this up...he loooooves the lego games, and this one looks better than all of the others combined.

  • As far as I'm concerned (and this is only my opinion no need to go crazy dwelling on it) DC comics suck. As far as writing and characters go Marvel's style suits me better. Wouldn't mind seeing an Avengers Lego game with all the hype from the movie. Still I'm a fan of Lego and I may rent this one. Can't hate on something you've never tried before and who knows, I might be surprised.
  • Very cool trailer. Looks like I'll be picking up this Lego game.

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