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  • Blog Post: 5 Minute Review: Lego Batman 2

    Pros: This game brings the entire DC Universe into the Lego Sandbox to create one of their most entertaining universes yet. The graphics are outstanding for a Lego game, and the gameplay and mission structure avoids a lot of the frustration found in the earlier games and Lego Pirate. The characters are... More
  • Blog Post: A Fun But Flawed Experience

    Lego games have always stuck to a specific formula. Take one part platformer, two parts comedy, add some collectables for length, a bevy of unlockables, and tie it all together with a a series of levels that can be accessed from a home location of sorts. Lego Batman attempts to take this tried and true... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Batman 2 Review: The Justice League Unites to Make a Great Game

    Lego games are my guilty pleasure. They give me something to do to pass the time till other games come out. Until just recently, that's about as far as my love of Lego games went. But now, after two above average games, it's clear that the genre of Lego games has grown up. Lego Batman 2: DC Super... More
  • Blog Post: Bigger and better with Batman!

    Lego Batman 2 is the perfect example of expanding on a solid franchise and adding new and exciting elements. This game represents two major changes in the Lego series: voice acting and an open world. These two items also represent a great and not so great change to the series. The script for this game... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - Video Review

    DC definately knows what there doing when it comes to evreyones favorite dark knight, and with Arkham City having been the last Game for Dc, and Christopher Nolans Dark knight rises soon to be released in theaters, What Epic New Take on Batman will Dc unveil Next? Find out by Watching my Full Video Review... More
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