Pros:  This game brings the entire DC Universe into the Lego Sandbox to create one of their most entertaining universes yet.  The graphics are outstanding for a Lego game, and the gameplay and mission structure avoids a lot of the frustration found in the earlier games and Lego Pirate.  The characters are fully voiced as well, which was a shock at first but really brought the humor of the storylines to the forefront.  All the time I spent playing this game was with my 6 and 4 year old boys.  It easily passes the family test in both content and difficulty level.

Negatives:  I have a hard time spending $50 on a game that will primarily be played by my kids.  It's hard to have a desire to play as a Lego Batman after doing two runs as the Dark Knight in Batman: AC.  Finally, it is still a Lego game, so even with some of the structural improvements the game still feels the same as all 8 that have come before it.

Verdict:  If you are not allowed to play rated M games this is a must buy.  It will provide hours of gameplay and entertainment with some of the subtle and less subtle changes that have been made.  It will also be a great gateway for family gaming as well.  Otherwise pocket that $50 and wait for the price drop or save it for the huge slate of games coming out this Holiday season.