Lego Batman 2 is the perfect example of expanding on a solid franchise and adding new and exciting elements. This game represents two major changes in the Lego series: voice acting and an open world. These two items also represent a great and not so great change to the series. The script for this game is pretty hysterical especially the relationship between Batman and Superman. Fanboy Robin adds a lot of comedic relief in the early parts of the game. The open world premise is nice but I'm not sold that it's completely necessary. It is a little more difficult to navigate to the next mission but it does allow for a great way to lengthen the experience. My girlfriend and I played for an hour in Gotham before starting another mission. There were a couple of glitches that made for some frustrating moments during the game. For example. there were time when characters would get stuck behind indestructible objects or would freeze in place and refuse to move. The only fixes for these problems were to exit out of the mission and start from the checkpoint. Another issue were the unbelievably long load screens when starting or finishing missions. I would imagine this problem could be caused from the scale of the open world. Overall Lego Batman 2 is fantastic game that is best played with a friend!

-Great script and voice acting
-play as Batman, Superman, and the rest of the DC heroes
-very fun and colorful gameplay 

-very long load screens
-random character glitches
-not a lot of puzzle diversity