I love the Lego games. They have a sense of humor that is unseen in a lot of games. Another aspect of Lego games is that sometimes they can be frustrating beyond belief.  This game Lego Bat man is one of the few games I can sit down with my sons and play and not have to worry about swearing, Improper situations, or extreme violence

.  The dynamic duo in Lego form.

The controls for the Wii are very easy to control. (Which is a big plus when you are playing with a 5 year old.)

It uses the nunchuck and the Wii-mote together, and it's comfortable for a left handed child or a right handed child to use. ( I have two lefties and two right handed kids.) The game is divided fairly even on platform action and vehicle platform levels. One thing I personally like is the use of lesser known villians of the Bat man universe such as Man Bat and killer croc.

(If you look close you will see Bat Girl.)

Now this game has been released on multiple consoles and for me to say this is a shocker. I prefer the Wii version to all other versions. Why? Mainly because the game is more fun that way. I also like that to solve 100% of the game you go back on the levels as the bad guys and use their special skills to solve puzzles in the game.

The game has a lot of areas that make a child think to solve certain problems presented in the game. But the kids really don't know they are thinking because they are too busy having fun.

So in conclusion, buy the game your kids will like it and the grown ups will too. Plus you can probably pick the game up used at your local Game Stop for a song.