(This is going to be a series of guides outlining the diferent aspects of l4d2).

There are many weapon types in this game that can register in categories of several tiers. The categories run through as Machine guns, Shotguns, and sniper rifles. This guide will be covering the machine guns of the game. This includes the machine pistol called the Mac-10, M16, AK-47, and the SCAR.


Automatic guns are the fastest shooters, but also the biggest ammo wasters of the group. The reload time is moderate along with the effective range of the weapon. It's great for running and gunning do to it's decent clip size. There are different characteristics to each gun but it all chalks up to personal preference. I'll do my best to detail each so you know what to expect when finally holding one.

Power: Low

Clip size: 50

Reload Speed: Fast

Mac-10: This comes with a silencer option. From what I can gather, the silencer does less damage but calls less horde to the player. Lowliest of the guns, this *** child spawned from a 9MM and the m16, does the least damage but has the highest fire-rate of all the weapons. I would advise the novices to avoid this gun until they learn to better fire in bursts. An inexperienced user will quickly find themselves helpless in a horde and reloading more than actually killing.

Advance users will find it a perfect tier one weapon for taking out horde at a distance and quickly dispatching special infected through a barrage of head-shots. This gun is great for both close and medium range.

Power: Medium

Clip size: 50

Reload speed: Fast

M16: A weapon with a history that shares the same clip size, and nearly the same fire-rate, as the Mac-10. The firepower of this gun succeeds the Mac in every way. It also has an increased range and the fastest reload time of all the machine guns. This weapon is suited for gunning on the run and delivering a death barrage from long distances. This is arguably the favorite of most l4d2 users. The only downside is shared with the Mac-10 in the idea of ammo consumption.

Power: High

Clip size: 40

Reload speed: Moderate

AK-47: this weapon's own history can and has filled books, but this is l4d and should only last a paragraph or two.

This weapon has the lowest clip size of all the others in this category and second to lowest in fire-rate, along with sub-par accuracy if you compare it to the M16. So what makes this weapon worth the risk? Pure firepower. The lesser accuracy comes with the increased kick that this rifle offers. What takes the M16 3 shots the AK only does in one. Special infected fear it and survivors respect it. Like the other rifles, burst fire is the best use.

Power: Moderate

Clip size: 60

Reload speed: Moderate

SCAR: The weapon leaves little impression, but mostley because it's uncharacteristically good. The clip size is the largest of the rifles but the fire-rate is crippled by a static 3-round burst. The firepower is alright and is in between the M16 and AK-47.

The burst fire is an unavoidable handicap that can limit play and creativity. I've been speaking to the point of annoyance about the need for a disciplined finger trigger but the scar does it for you, yet it restricts the player in a few ways. The extra bullets would seem to help but the burst takes control of basic ammo conservation along with a longer than average reload time. Take this weapon if you don't see your favorites or there are no better alternatives. It's a balanced weapon with no real downside nor advantage.

These are the Machine guns. Arguably the most used weapon of all the classes. Each with their own personal advantage and drawbacks that make personal preference and play-style key. Next I'll be covering shotguns and snipers.