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The Left 4 Dead 2 survior's handbook

Left 4 Dead 2

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The Left 4 Dead 2 survior's handbook

     Left 4 Dead 2 improves almost all of the game play inside compared to it's older predecessor. This guide will show you how many secrets there are and how to prevent becoming a Zombie yourself!

Survivors Hand Book

        As with most Zombie games and movies your role in this game is playing as one of the few survivors of the Zombie pandemic. You play as ether one of these characters:

Nick- Race: Caucasion ( white ). Gender: Male. Nick is a seedy loan shark who had to keep moving due to enemy's of his past coming back to kill him. He has a hard time trusting others but eventually trusts the rest of the survivors.

Ellis- Race: Caucasian, Redneck. Gender: Male. Ellis is a party loving hillbilly. It never seems to hit him about how dire the situation is. To him the pandemic is just a big game is is happy to be able to shoot a few rounds out of a gun and tell tall tales about his many adventures with his cousins.

Rochelle-Race: African American. Gender: Female. Rochelle used to be a news casters assistant but when her boss was killed by the many zombies she saw her chance to shine. She eagerly went down south to report on the pandemic but after meeting up with rest of the survivors she hasn't had time as they try escape. She also seems obvious to the fact that in a worldwide Zombie pandemic no one is going to be there to film, publish, or watch her reports.

Coach- Race : African American. Gender: Male. The last of the survivors,  Coach used to be a football player on his way to stardom untiil he broke his back. He can still walk but could never be a football player again. He spent the rest of his life up till the pandemic coaching football. He is the largest of the group but trusts everyone and has a kind heart.

      In left 4 dead 2 supplies are everything. You must manage ammo, bombs, health, ammunition types, and your and other player's health. If you get low on health in the game check to see if other players have a health bar first before healing yourself. It's better if you work as a team rather than lone wolfs due to the heavy reliance on other players. Many zombie types leave you in able to move or use weapons until the other survivors shoot it. Stick together in a tightly knight group and communicate. Don't separate yourself from everybody else's aiding hand.

  The Horde or Common Infected

  •  Attracted to loud noises ( i.e clown zombie's honking-noses, car alarms, pipe bombs and fire works. Boomer bile( see Boomer for more ) also attracts them
  • Zombies won't nitice you if you keep your distance with your flashlight off. Crouch for more accurate shots or snipe them with a long-range weapon


  • They make weird burping/ gurrtal noises before they appear
  • Keep your distance. Boomer's puke a bile on you that impairs vision and attract's zombies. Also shooting them at close range makes them explode bile and guts on you.
  • If in the worse case scenario you get puked on, get in the nearest corner and defend yourself with a melee weapon.


  • If you ever see one runs toward it so it can't spit. They're like the snipers of the zombie world but cant shoot at close range.
  • Get out of Spitter acid as fast as possible, it increases in damage over time.
  • Don't try save in capped ( incapacitated ) survivors in spitter acid. you'll end up the same way if you do
  • Spitters slow down momentary after spitting.
  • When killed small pool of acid forms at the base so if you don't what to lose health shot, don't melee.


  • Spits it's Long range tongue at you to string you up for the other zombies to finish off.
  • Use the seconds after getting hit to cut off the tongue grabbing you
  • Appears most oftenly on rooftops. Makes coughing sounds when close.


  • The jockey jumps on the back of the survivor and controls the direction of said survivor.
  • In getting the jockey off use mele to kill preferbly. Leaves less bullets or hits going into a survivor then the jockey.
  • It cackles and laughs when close so get prepared!


  • The Charger ram's into the survivor and then pounds the survivor repeatedly against the ground
  • Makes fast, freight train like movement but can't change direction while in the ram.
  • Makes loud, deep crys and screams when he charges.


  • Hunter pins the survivor against the ground and claws them to death.
  • Roars/Screams when it jumps to pin you
  • Press shove repeatedly when a hunter is close because it stuns them long enough for a well placed bullet or melee attack

The Mele Weapon.

Chainsaw= A powerful melee weapon that cuts through infected like they're warm butter. This is the best melee weapon in the game but its awesome power is limited by a gas tank so use it wisely.

Machete, katana, axe= Slicing Melee weapons. Does greater damage ten blunt ones. Great for all kinds of mutilation!

Cricket Bat, Base-ball Bat, Night stick= Blunt melee weapons. Great for smacking and beating. These weapons aren't guaranteed kills unless you hit the zombie's head off. Sometimes does damage but doesn't Kill.


Health Pack= A pack of health as the name Say's but this health pack restores about 80% of your health back. You can never heal to full. These pack's are very limited through out the levels, sometimes only a substantial amount in the end of the game safe room so use only in great danger of dying.

Defibrillator= A reviving tool that gives dead survivors-not incapped dead- half they're health and a new life. I don't recommend using this unless after you beat the game you want to go for the achievements that come along with it.


Molotov *** tail= Explodes upon impact and leaves the ground burning for an extended period of time. The fire can damage you and the survivors so beware. The damage fire deals to regular infected is great, and it lights special infected on fire doing damage, eventually killing them. You can set a Tank on fire and then retreat to a hiding spot to kill it with ease -- the fire will continue to damage it until it falls

Pipe Bomb=Attracts the regular infected (horde) and then detonates. It's especially useful for deterring the horde after you've been vomited on by a Boomer, or for distracted zombies while you make a break for a safe room.

Other improvements to weapons are the special ammo types like the incendiary ammo ( fire bullets ) or the explosive ammo. These upgrades are nice but use them as soon as you pick them up because they replace your health pack. Another thing is the laser sights. These sight greatly improve accuracy since you can't aim down your sights it helps a ton so don't don't ditch the gun you attached it to.

     So thats about it for  this guide use these pointers well in your game and make a habit for using them. It will make you pro. As always remember to think the things you're p[utting in your inventory through. Soon you'll be a Zombie killing pro in no time. Happy Zombie Hunting!

Left for dead is amazing if you love Zombie games!