I've done this glitch a million times and I know it works. First you need 2 poeple to do this. What you do is you beat the first level. Then, on the second level, go and beat the part where you have to shut the tower off. Then, go in front of the bus station, but don't go in, and go left where the bodies are. You go in the building with the luggage and go where the door is filled up with luggage is. Go over the cart that carries the luggage and press TAKE A BREAK. In about 2 seconds, your person will start to move to in the door filled with luggage. That means the glitch is working. About 10-20 seconds later, press RT and you should be back at the beggining of the level. But, you can't go through to the end because you had to shut the alarmed door. But it's still a cool glitch to fool your friends. :)