Left 4 Dead 2 is non-stop mayhem that will give you a feeling of hopelessness and genuine terror as the screams and howls of the infected draw closer. With the following tips, your time down south may turn into the most enjoyable experience of hell on earth.

First and foremost, never venture away from your team, but if you must, take a partner with you. There are areas where this is crucial, even if splitting your team in half is risky. The most notable instance of this is the Dead Center Finale, where the best way to survive is throwing gas cans down from the higher levels of the room. But don't do this without a buddy to watch your back, for if you are alone and far off from your team mates, you are an easy hunter, charger or smoker target.

Second is forming your team, which is always important because playing with people who you actually know or have played with before are easier to communicate with or might be more understanding if you accidentally shoot a gas can and create a huge wall of flame when a tank is behind you. And though playing with computers may not be as satisfactory as playing with other humans, they do have their strong points, being that they give you everything they pick up and never leave you. Some players to be wary of are anyone who has a (1) following their name. Some of the best games I've played have been ruined when to people decide to work together in trolling the rest of their team. But even if they deserve to be kicked, it takes three votes to pass a vote, and if you try to kick someone whose name is followed by (1), both people are going to vote no, making the vote impossible to pass. 

Third is not a game play choice, but has to do with settings. First, always have your volume up so you can hear key changes in the scenario, such as a witch crying or tank music. Second is, as pointless as they may seem, subtitles. These are extremely useful in campaigns such as Hard Rain or The Parish, where there are loud noises, being the hard rain and the bombing run. These noises may make it easier for the infected who make lots of noise to sneak up on you or make you run straight into a witch. But if you have subtitles, the jockey's laughter will be displayed at the bottom of your screen

Fourth is weaponry, knowing when to use what and where. When you start a campaign, the weapons are often not very good, but your best bet is taking a full auto weapon unless there's a shotgun better than a standard pump action. I tend to ditch the rifle once I find a good shotgun, but balance is key, so you might want to do a quick weapon check and make sure you aren't going to have a team using the same type of weapon. The reason being that shotguns aren't accurate and can't hit far-off zombies, so if your partner is being smokered, you're probably going to need an accurate weapon. This brings me to my next point of secondary weapons. For riflers, melee weapons will be the best choice because rifles aren't as good for close range fighting. The opposite goes for shotgunners, who will want to take a pistol because of its long range capabilities. The choices for pistols each have disadvantages and advantages, the normal pistol can be dual wielded, giving you more shots before you are forced to reload. The magnum can't be dual wielded, but is much more powerful. Bear in mind that whichever pistol you take has unlimited ammo.

This concludes my first guide, so while I hope it is helpful, message me if I missed a point or made a mistake.