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Completely Torn...

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  • I got L4D2 today, and now i have both that and Modern Warfare 2. I'm completely torn on which one i should start wasting most of my sleeping hours on. On the one hand, MW2 is the most badass game i believe i have ever played. Then again, L4D2 involves killing hordes of zombies, which is equally badass. Which will it be? Zombies or Russians? Soap or Coach? Throwing knives or a Chainsaw? Help!

  • Start with the chainsaw, and kill some southern zombies, get throgh the 1st campaign.

    Then go for the M.W.2 badass Russian killing knife throwing game, with a frosty dew!


  • You know what you should play both of them. Dude all you need to do is play left 4 dead 2 half the day and MW2 the other half. If you want to play only 1 of those games, L4D 2 has a better storyline you could play with friends and that's awesome. But Modern warfare2 online is beast. There are so many people online that you can kill, bomb, or kick there badass. SO PLAY LEFT4 DEAD IF YOU WANT A BETTER STORYLINE!!!! Or if you just want to play with the world, I'd say MW2 is what you should play. I'm not saying the storyline in MW2 is bad, it's actually pretty good. But left 2 dead's storyline is better. And I'm not saying l4D has bad online, it's great, but MW2 is better for killing your friends online. Good luck choosing a game

  • If you want to play campaign then definitely do Left 4 dead 2. Way better campaign and killing zombies + team gameplay. What could be better for campaign. If you want to play online multiplayer with 11 other people and get a nuke, then play MW2. It's hard to play online in left 4 dead 2 (especially versus) because people quit when they are losing and then the server shuts down because there is not enough people and people are total idiots when it comes to protecting not just themselves, but also the team when you need to fight off the horde. MW2 is addicting because of all the unlockables and different people.

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