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Left 4 Dead 2 Blog Guidelines
  • Fight Together, or Die Seperate.

    Coop are usually a option. But when your cornered by zombies, almost out of ammo, little health left, you better kick yourself for not following your buddies. Left 4 Dead 2 does this well, if you wander off from your buddies, your pretty much dead. You... More
  • More than an expansion

    When the first Left 4 Dead came out in 2008, it was a very fun and successful title that went ahead and raised the bar for co-op gaming. It was a bit short, but the clever AI Director system and Valve’s support to the community made it a game with... More
  • Left 4 Dead 2 User Review

    When I heard that another Left 4 Dead was coming out, I knew that I must have my hands on a copy. I saw the trailers, which still had the same *** look as the first, except in New Orleans with different characters. By the way, Valve did an excellent job... More
  • This Game is Deep

    This game has loads of content and so much to do that you could still be playing through new material multiple years after you buy it. With some help, I beat all the campaigns on normal. Then I tried them on higher difficulties. Then I tried campaign... More
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Much

    The main focus of my review is that Left 4 Dead was one of the greatest Co-op games I will ever play. It was simple, fun, and had zombies. What more can you ask for? Well Left 4 Dead 2 is still an amazing game, as a 95/100 would show but it wasn't... More
  • The Zombiegamer's Left 4 dead 2 review

    I have personally finished Every Left 4 dead 2 Campaign and they are all creative, great , and awesome. The zombies in each level look astoundingly real the combat is fulid and never pauses as is the story. The story can be sketchy at times especially... More
  • Game Over... continue? Left 4 Dead 2

    "How to write a Left 4 Dead 2 Review" by Simon. Let’s see.. take my review of Left 4 Dead ; add a new cast of characters, an actual cohesive story, the inclusion of melee weapons, and the introduction of some new 'Super Zombies.'... More
  • it's not great but it's good

    The game is good but not great. In the first one the maps (dead air,deth toll,ect.) did not tie together in the start and end it was just survive, it never showed how you got there or anything. In l4d2 they tie together. After you get out of the mall... More
  • The Apocalypse Done Right

    It's the NEW apocalypse. Bring friends. Where to begin, well, I'll break it up into sections for your own convenience. Graphics This section isn't exceptionally important, but some people just HAVE TO HAVE perfect graphical appliances, so... More
  • Left 4 Dead 2 is a Joy Ride.

    Story - 8 out of 10 Four people meet up with each other and help each other to survive five (six if you count The Passing DLC) different places. Not much story other than that, but I'll but the general stories of the campains. Dead Center - The characters... More
  • Jockeys ruin this game

    I thought they could have done such a better job at this. The Jockeys make it not fun to play. What a bad creation. L4D 1 was better. More
  • Should have been a DLC

    Left4Dead 2 is an absolutely jaw dropping game; however, it seems to be a bit of an insult for L4D1 players. There weren't many major gameplay changes nor was there much plot change. Based on L4D1, I'd rate L4D2 as a a 6.0. With L4D1 out of the... More
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