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  • Blog Post: More than an expansion

    When the first Left 4 Dead came out in 2008, it was a very fun and successful title that went ahead and raised the bar for co-op gaming. It was a bit short, but the clever AI Director system and Valve’s support to the community made it a game with quite a lot of replay value. When Left 4 Dead 2... More
  • Blog Post: Left 4 Dead 2 User Review

    When I heard that another Left 4 Dead was coming out, I knew that I must have my hands on a copy. I saw the trailers, which still had the same *** look as the first, except in New Orleans with different characters. By the way, Valve did an excellent job with the trailers. There isn't really a story... More
  • Blog Post: This Game is Deep

    This game has loads of content and so much to do that you could still be playing through new material multiple years after you buy it. With some help, I beat all the campaigns on normal. Then I tried them on higher difficulties. Then I tried campaign achievements. Then scavenge. Scavenge achievements... More
  • Blog Post: Left 4 Dead 2 Much

    The main focus of my review is that Left 4 Dead was one of the greatest Co-op games I will ever play. It was simple, fun, and had zombies. What more can you ask for? Well Left 4 Dead 2 is still an amazing game, as a 95/100 would show but it wasn't as good as the first one. The new zombies were interesting... More
  • Blog Post: Through the eyes of a SURVIVOR

    Through my eyes i only see L4D2 as another manhunt game its a great game that gives that adrenaline rush in other word every second you want to pull that trigger and not take your eyes off the screen.I have atleast five problems with the game. 1:theres not enough weapons i think they should be a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Call Up Some Friends, You Don't Want to be Alone Tonight

    Left 4 Dead marked a pretty groundbreaking mark in gaming. A game with "28 Days Later" style zombies that was meant to be played with friends gave people more of a reason to get Xbox LIVE and to have at least three friends. Left 4 Dead 2 hones in on this style, yet are some of the additions... More
  • Blog Post: epic win

    wow there is so much win packed in this game it is not even win it is UBER EPIC WIN! Zombies with clown noses you can honk FTW! More
  • Blog Post: Zombies rule the franchise again!

    ( short)This very awesome zombie game is the best in multiplayer and with a friend. The zombies are cool and there is so many acheviments. What sucks alittle is, sometimes when you're stuck on a campaign, extra zombies come right at you. More
  • Blog Post: "The original is always better"

    that phrase fits perfectly here. i know a lot of you LOVE killing zombies but its just not as fun as it use to be. i mean dont get me wrong l4d2 is a great game with tons of new weapons and zombies but it just not as fun as the first one. some of you might disagree but for those of you who are l4d fans... More
  • Blog Post: Zombies Know How To Make A Sequel

    Left 4 Dead 2 is the one of the best sequels I've seen in recent years. The team at Valve improved upon every aspect of their team survival game. The new enemies, like the frustrating Jockey and the dangerous Spitter, bring more diversity to the zombie horde. While the the new guns and melee weapons... More
  • Blog Post: excellent

    I have MW2, Borderlands, Dragon Age, Assassins Creed 2, Madden 10, Nba Live 10, Guitar Hero Van Halen. I wake up and wanna replay these L4D2 campaigns from the start of my day to the end of it. Hard to find a more action packed game out there. There is nothing more satisfying than putting this game in... More
  • Blog Post: How good Is Left 4 dead 2?

    Left 4 dead 2 is a pretty sick game. No flaws what so ever. The controls are your basic shooters. Then it comes down to the weopons. I dont want to spoil all the weopons for you so, I'm only going to tell you some. There are a silenced uzi, a auto shotgun, and of course your basic machine gun. Your... More
  • Blog Post: Zombies Never Looked this Good!

    Face it we all love zombies and to expand on it we love killing them, this is where Left 4 Dead 2 comes into play, this game is a fast paced typical zombie game. You step into the shoes as a character and are in a group with three others (to save eachothers backs.) The graphics in this game is phenomenal... More
  • Blog Post: The Most Fun the Zombie Apocalypse Has Ever Been

    It's hard to believe that people actually boycotted this game because they thought it was too soon. Well, that just means more fun for us! There are so many new things in this game that all nay-sayers are sure to be silenced. For starters, the graphics have received a much needed boost. The game... More
  • Blog Post: Killing zombies never felt so satisfying.....

    Call it an expansion to Left 4 Dead, but L4D2 earned it's right to be it's own game and it backs it up. I like how the intro as it feels like a B-movie trailer you're watching but in a way that catches your eye nonetheless. The music is still at its best and the characters dialog is amusing... More
  • Blog Post: Left 4 Dead 2 - Review

    Score: 9.25/10 Left 4 Dead 2 PC/Xbox 360 Developer: Valve Publisher: Valve Release Date: Nov 17, 2009 Pros: Campaigns are longer and more open, Great replay value, New weapons and infected fit nicely, One-liners provided by the cast are very entertaining, Realism and Expert mode prove to be a challenge... More
  • Blog Post: Killing Zombies is Never a Bad Thing.

    So, I was among the great many who pre-ordered this game on STEAM, and waited for an hour while Valve got their act together so that I could unlock and play it. But that was no biggie, I have come to expect delays and cancellations as a gamer who spends an overwhelming majority of my time playing online... More
  • Blog Post: Perfection through infection.

    It was eleven pm on Monday night. I called up my place of employment to ensure that they had Left 4 Dead 2 ready to hit the shelve, which they did. My zombie nation crew finished up our viewing of the horrendously awesome flick ‘Versus’ and proceeded to depart in order to cash in on our last... More
  • Blog Post: Zombie Mayhem

    When I played the first Left 4 Dead, I couldn't stop playing. With the massive amount of zombies, good weapons to kill them with, and everybody had a great time doing it. Left 4 Dead 2 takes that and multiplies it by a hundred. Tons of new weapons, new levels, and not to mention, new zombies. Many... More
  • Blog Post: Nearly Perfect

    Man, I'll tell you. The demo was awesome, and it showed the improved graphics and the use of melee weapons. But it didn't really seem to even hint at how an excellent concept was improved upon in so many ways. (I don't hold that against the demo though.) The first game let us all do something... More
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