I have personally finished Every Left 4 dead 2 Campaign and they are all creative, great , and awesome. The zombies in each level look astoundingly real the combat is fulid and never pauses as is the story. The story can be sketchy at times especially when there will be no cutscene to explain how you got where you are , but Valve makes up for that with begining campaingn dialouge. The weapons are very veried in style and they all alter your play style. Also the weapons can be added to by adding laser sights or any assortment of ammos. The in game weapons include the chainsaw, crowbar, kitana, baseball bat, machete, rigby bat, scar rifle, M16, AK47, grenade launcher, hunting rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, auto-shotgun, and the spas 12. Melee weapons are a big reason why Left 4 dead 2 is better than Left 4 dead. The new addition to the zombie horde are the Jockey a zombie who can jump on you and steer you towards hazars, the spitter a zombie that spits acid on your team, and finally the Charger a zombie who grabs you, runs with you into obstibles, and ultimately kill/incapacitate you.  The 4 protaginist are Coach ( the one farthest to the left) who is  well a coach. Nick the next one to the right is nick a con man who is not a team player and only cares for himself and his suite. The next to the right is Ellis a country boy mechanic who is inthusiastic but strong and defintely a team player. The only female is Rochell by far my least favorite character dosent do much buts A.I is a compolsive healer so useless but useable.                                          as u can see theamount of on screen zombies is amazing.