Story - 8 out of 10
Four people meet up with each other and help each other to survive five (six if you count The Passing DLC) different places. Not much story other than that, but I'll but the general stories of the campains.
Dead Center - The characters just met, judging by the way they talk in the elevator. "What's you're name?" "I'm Ellis". The goal is to get to a mall, to see if CEDA has a evac, but they don't so you have to take this stock car.
Dark Carnival - The road gets cluttered with cars, so your team of four has to get out and walk the way. Coach mentions the carnival that he went to as a kid, so they decide that they'll try to go through it. They find out that a band called Midnight Ryders were supposed to have a concert there and eventually use the stage show as a signal flame for a helicopter.
Swamp Fever - Nick shoots the pilot since he was turning into a zombie. They make their way through a Louisiana swamp town filled with zombies and eventually find a plantation and signal a boat. This campain was my least favorite.
Hard Rain - My favorite campain. The boat that the team was on needs fuel and drops them off. The have to make their way through a sugar mill to a gas station for some fuel and make their way back.
The Parish - The boat drops them off in New Orleans and they try to find some salvation. They hear jets coming over and drop bombs. BEcause of this, they decide to find something to contact them. They find a walkie talkie at the bridge and then haul ass across the bridge to get to the chopper.

Gameplay - 9.5 out of 10
This would have gotten a solid ten if it weren't for the AI. The AI are just plain stupid. If you're trying to get through the sugar mill in Hard Rain without alerting the witches, they'll alert them.
Other then that, the gamplay is simple aim and shoot. Open dooes, fight zombie hordes, pick up other weapons, stratagize for finales.
The melee gameplay in this one was awesome. I rarely carry a pistol for the soul reason of plowing down zombies with a katana.
The chain saw was good, except was unrealistic. I think that it would last longer than that in real life.
One other thing I didn't like was the fact that you stop moving when being attacked. Seriously? I think I would keep on running.
Versus is great, but it's hard to find a good team online. I love being able to pounce on survivors as a hunter or jockey. Spitter is actually quite fun. Boomer is my least favorite only because I'm just not very good as them.
I havn't played much of realism, but I really like the concept of it.
Scavenge is probably my favorite mode. I like how it's kind of like versus, but shorter and such. I'm also a beast at it.
Graphics - 9.75 out of 10
The character models are well detailed and so is the environment. The buildings and vehicles look realistic and the zombies are believeable.
Sound - 10 out of 10
The sound is great. The music isn't annoying and the voice actors did a great job. The game makes you dread hearing the scrrech of a hunter or the burp of a boomer. The music makes everything dramatic. Their aim was to make this game movie-like and they did a very good job.
Entertainment - 9.25 out of 10
I want to play this game right now. I love blasting away zombies with grenade launcers and such!

Overall score: 9.2