I forget what I expected when I first purchased L4D2.  Wondering if the game would not be a clone of the first, I popped in the disc and started the Dark Carnival campaign.  I'm wasn't afraid of clowns until December 25, 2009.

L4D2 tried to give a more memorable multiplayer experience by making the controls more fluid and easy to use.  The options offered, ithink, did a better job of showcasing Valve's complexity in the game world, which it did very well.  With zombie types varied and even more Special zombie classes, you'll never kniow what type of hell awaits you.  This time, during Dark Carnival, a zombie type that can't really be classified as special appears--a freaky yet hilarious looking clown zombie.  Valve intended to bring the Carnival feel to zombies in a way that worked out relatively well.  Like when I first saw the spitter, it looked like a pregnant form of one of the Dukes of Hazard that just cnnibalized someone.  Too bad I shot her dead because she was NOT from the Dukes of Hazard, but just a fat zombie.  I also got the Acid Reflex acheivment becasue she didn't spit anything before the bullets from my 8-gauge shotgun ended "its life".  All in all, I think Valve has earned its spot as the Game That Is Like 28 Days Later Except Better.