Left 4 Dead marked a pretty groundbreaking mark in gaming. A game with "28 Days Later" style zombies that was meant to be played with friends gave people more of a reason to get Xbox LIVE and to have at least three friends. Left 4 Dead 2 hones in on this style, yet are some of the additions to the game really all that they're hyped up to be?

Melee weapons make for one of the more enjoyable additions to the game and make you wonder how you played without them. They also make for frustration as there are times that I sung three times at a zombie before it connected. I'd also like to point out, and this has no effect on the grade of the game, if you drop your pistol to get a melee weapon, where do you get your pistol when you are downed? There were times when I was out of ammo and a melee weapon wasn't cutting it that I could have really used this magic pistol. Also, why you can't dual wield when holding a magnum?

Other additions to the series include the three new special infected. Though the Charger can be devastating to a party member, I was extremely let down by the two others. The Spitter's acid can do some damage to a survivor, but the survivor would need to be thick enough to stand in it for long enough. Though the Spitter is a better support character, it requires someone being downed or a Jockey to really maximize its threat. Then there's the Jockey, which I'll admit was hilarious at first. Then you realize that when you down a survivor, you fall off and they can easily shoot you and be revived. I'd just like to point out that a charger and a hunter can continue to kill a downed enemy, why can't a Jockey? Outside of these the originals return and play the same as the last game though Valve seemed to find a need to include a female Boomer for some reason.

The game play modes are still solid. The game plays just like the last, which is a good thing in my opinion. Each of the episodes is set up into five parts, with a climatic finale. The finales have been made into a cinematic event, but most still involve surviving until some form of help arrives. The episodes also have better environments, from a burning building to rain so heavy you can't see in front of you. Realism mode makes you aim for the head and is fun until you decide to play on a difficulty other than Easy. Survival is usually playing the finale for a longer period of time and gives you a place to just let waves of infected have it. The new Scavenge mode is a welcome addition to your online play, just beware of those people online who will sabotage you easier than ever.

Overall fans of the first will find their fix with Left 4 Dead 2. Newcomers will also enjoy this frantically paced zombie game satisfying. Still the best zombie game out today, but maybe the inevitable third will us some new special infected I'd actually want to play as.