I love the fact that I can kill endless zombies at will with numerous weapons. These types of games will not get old for awhile. As long as the weapons get more zany the killing will not stop for the beloved zombies. I have literally gone through this game numerous times, and i can play it over and over and over. I really love the Infected, I just wish that you could play as them in a story mode as well. Hopefully Valve will do that for the next installation of the game. The characters are all memorable in their own right, ellis being the most memorable because of his playful banter. its hilarious, and keeps the killing fun. Overall i give this game a solid 8. It still has some room for improvement. Which is healthy in a game franchise. I only give out 10's when the game is truly ahead of its time. This game has been done before plenty of times before by other game companies before it, but Valve knows how to set itself apart from the rest, but this one doesnt do it yet. So note to Valve, great game but keep trying your almost there.