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How to not suck at first.

League of Legends: Clash of Fates

How to not suck at first.

     League of Legends is a a Free 2 Play RPG/RTS game. It's based on the Warcraft 3 mod called DOTA. So if you've already played that game, you are good to go and should skip this guide.


      Now, over the past year or so that I have been playing the game I have seen my fair share of noobs, and they all make the same exact mistakes. This guide is to help you, the new players, not make these common mistakes.

#1 Read up on your character. Before you pick a character, quickly look over his/her/it's skills and the tips that the developers gave for each of them. If it says that you should buy Ability Power, than buy Ability Power. Unfortunately new players completely ignore the recommended items, and either buy the complete opposite of what they should, or buy nothing at all. (The recommended items are found in-game at the top of the shopping screen.)

#2 Stay behind your minions.  The enemy minions and towers attack whatever they see first, so if you are the first one in to battle than you will take the brunt of the force, and early game, it can be fatal. Which brings me to my next point.

#3 Do not attack enemy champions while you are in range of the turret. If you attack an enemy champion while in the turret's range then the turret will attack you, and most likely kill you, or give your enemy the chance to do so.

#4 Listen to team mates. If a teammate says to play defensively, or go back to base, then that probably means that a group is coming to kill you. You should back off immediately.

#5 If you think that there is an enemy hiding in the bush, there probably is. In most cases it wouldn't be smart to check the bush on your own.

#6 Play easy characters, some good starters are Ash, Soroka, Allistar, Ryze, Master Yi, Sivir, Fiddlesticks, Sion, Twisted Fate, Tryandmere, Tristana, and Xin Zhao. They are all extremely easy to play, and I highly recommend that you start with one of them. Note that not all champions are available at the same time. There are 10 free champions per week, additional characters can be bought with in game money accumulated from playing matches.

#7 Know acronyms! Here is a nice list: 

SR = Summoners Rift, the 5v5 map
TT = Twisted Treeline

TF = Twisted Fate
WW = Warwick
GP = Gangplank
MK = Mordekaiser
MF = Miss Fortune

Gl & hf = Good luck have fun
U2 = You too - most common response to the one above
bb = bye bye
ditto = you too aswell

AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
ArP = Armor Penetration
MR = Magic Resistance
MP = Magic Penetration
DPS = (Originally: Damage per second) Here: Classes relying on their autoattack to do damage - ie sustained damage over time through autoattack
CD = Cooldown
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
AS = Attack Speed
LS = Life steal
AoE = Area of Effect (abilities that effect a certain area, like annie's Tibbers, or akali's Twillight Shroud
DD = Direct Damage
AA = Auto Attack
JitB = Jack in the Box (Shaco skill)

TY = Thank you
Thx = Thanks
OFC = Of course
RNG = Random Number Generator - alot of games are based on this concept (best example is critting, you have x% of crit, the computer then rolls, if you hit under your x% of crit, you attack will crit, if you hit over the x% of crit you will NOT crit)
FB = Usually refers to first blood early game (obviously before it is taken) and later game can mean fall back!
OP = Overpowered
UP = Underpowered
WP = Well played
GG = Good Game
BG = Bad Game
VGG = Very Good Game
GJ = Good Job
Feeder = Someone who dies alot to the other team hence "feeding" them gold
FFS = For FUCKS sake
omg = oh my god (or in some situations omFg = oh my *** god)
n1 = nice one
L2P = Learn to play
FTW = For the win
FTL = For the loose
FML = *** my Life
STFU = Shut the *** up...
IDK = I dont know...
IDC = I dont care
FYI = For your information
CC = Crowd Control
MM = Matchmaking
BS = ***
BD = Backdooring

BP = Blue pill, a left over term from beta, means teleporting back to base
TP = Teleporting either to another lane or to base
OOM = Out of Mana
BRB = Be right back
AFK = Away from keyboard
Ulti = Ultimate, usually used with inc to warn due to a dangerous ultimate being near.
INC = Incomming
Mid / Top / Bot = The three lanes of SR, obviously only top and bot in TT
Prem = Premade
F***ING SHROOMS! = a common outburst after stepping in several teemo mushrooms in a row
SS = miss something often followed by the champion name
MIA = Missing in Action
(Insert champion)'s gone AWOL! = Absent without leave
OMW = On my way
ASAP = As soon as possible
IMO = In my opinion
ATM = at the moment
TBH = To be honest
Care = Means someone might approach if you are pushing to much, often followed by pings as to from where.
B = if pinged on you means fallback, in laning phase usually means a champion that has been back in base is back to relieve you.
Re = Term used after seeing champions stated missing again.
BN = Baron Nashor

RoA = Rod of Ages
Zhonyas = Zhonya's Ring
FoN = Force of Nature
Pots = Potions, both mana / hp ones
Oracles = Oracles elixir, used to spot stealthers (Twitch in the game? GET THIS, Evelynn in the game? GET THIS, Shaco in the game? BEND OVER)
RS = Rylai's Scepter
GA = Guardian Angel
SotD = Sword of the Divine
SotO = Sword of the Occult
IE = Infinity Edge
BV = Banshee's Veil
Wota = Will of the Ancients

Wards = Reffering to the two types of wards, vision wards (can detect stealth) and sight wards (can not detect stealth).
Baron/Nashor = The legendary monster on SR giving a teamwide buff
Golem / Lizard / Wolves / Ghouls = The blue/red/green/grey single buffs (respectively)

QQ = crying eyes, usually used as a taunt "QQ moar!" also occasionally T_T (Left over term from warcraft 3 where you could quit a game with alt+q+q)

Kite - Term describing a hero with a slow enganging an enemy and keeping them out of range by continuously spamming said slowing ability on them, thus keeping them at bay
Nuke X - Term used for focus this target and blow everything on them to kill it

Obviously it isn't neccessary to know them all, in fact I have only used, or heard of a few once or twice.

#8 play defensively on your first few games. You don't want to run in guns a blazing only to be shot down within seconds, and that IS all it takes, seconds. You should also take advantage of the bushes, while you are in them you are invisible to anyone outside (unless you are attacking.)

#9 After playing a few games and getting moderately good you may want to go to either leaguecraft.com or mobafire.com for more complex guides on how to play specific champions successfully.

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  • Nice Guide. hope it keeps noobs from sucking.

  • i like the guide, glad to see someone trying to help out those just starting that game. If i may add a suggestion, play with friends. As its a team game, when 1 person sucks it can brings you all down. Playing with friends at least lets you know how reliable they are, and you should work better together than with some silent confused beginner.

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