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Layton 7

Level-5 Reveals Mobile/3DS Game Layton 7

Developer Level-5 revealed the latest entry in its Professor Layton series, an offshoot for iOS, Android, and 3DS called Layton 7. The onstage presentation didn't show much aside from a giant zombie, dog, and old man in a city.

The studio's CEO, Akihiro Hino revealed the game during the demo (uploaded by Nintendo Everything), and it's being described as being a puzzle/RPG hybrid. One thing's for certain – it doesn't look like any Professor Layton games that we've seen before. Make of that what you will.


[Source: Nintendo Everything]

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  • I'm wayyy more excited for that Ace Attorney X Professor Layton crossover game coming to 3DS. I keep rewatching the trailer for it via Eshop.

  • This sounds odd. But at least they're doing the logical thing and putting it on the 3DS as well as mobile. Honestly, I don't get why more mobile developers don't port their titles to the 3DS and Vita.
  • Wha...Love Layton and all, but this looks very strange. Will wait to hear more.

  • Looks like crap

  • I wonder how much it'll cost on 3DS

  • as long as its from level-5. willing to give it a try! :D

  • Mod

    I was wishing that the zombie was going to eat the dog.

  • yeah...but... what about dark cloud...

  • It's painfully unfortunate that I can't even make sense of these screenshots as actually being something Professor Layton-esque. It's definitely not a way to advertise a game if you can't tell what it is, much less if it's very appealing, imho.

  • Weird, let's see where this goes....

  • Well...I mean this is interesting,but it certainly aint Layton.

    Not that this game should be instantly thought as lesser,but its a interesting way to go.....

    I mean Arzan Legacy is the end of the prequels,the ending of the third game points to another adventure with luke and layton in the present time,soooooooo yeah....

    But this certainly is....odd news,I suppose this is what level 5 meant by changing how we see the layton series works...

    I mean with stuff like layton brothers on IOS we can see they are definatly going for a more ios mobile feel now,but at least we know this is also coming to 3DS.

    Still.I will have to keep this in my radar.