One of the best Tomb Raider game in a long time :D

This game is gorgeous in an rpg way, where it display this beautiful world Crystal Dynamics has created. A first ever co-op action-adventure game featuring Lara Croft. Team up with a friend or go at it alone as you traverse and solve deadly traps, fight hordes of undead enemies, and collect over 60 artifacts and relics

There are loads of weapons to find and you can customize your character with four at a time. Guardian of Light is sort of a dual-stick shooter that has you running around with the left stick and aiming with the right. The action is very satisfying and it's fun to experiment with the many weapons

Everything you’ve come to expect from Lara, environmental puzzle solving, exploration, firefights is in Guardian of Light, displaying this kick ass Lara, what she does best: kick ass, collect treasure, and decipher brain-bending puzzles