I'm a big fan of the new Tomb Raider reboot, (especially Underworld though that seems to be the least favorite of many people..) so I knew Id be getting it on day 1. What I wasnt sure of is what I was getting, in terms of gameplay, and quality. I expected more combat than puzzles and a different view angle. I got most of that. The combat seems a bit easy but it's really entertaining, and while I found the puzzles to be alot lighter and easier than I'd hoped it was still just plain fun to do, and thats something I feel we're getting less of as gamers. More art, more style but less plain fun. This one delivers that. Also, while the lack of online out the gate was a downer, I played a few levels in local co-op and can't wait to do it online w/ friends. The change in puzzle mechanics for 2 people vs solo was a great idea and was a blast to do...also: time trials that DONT make me want to throw controllers across the room are always a bonus!