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that is really, really unfortunate about the no online co-op for xbla at first.  literally, a dealbreaker for me.  When I saw your fantastic review, I was going to get it.  But there is no point if I have to wait two months to get the full experience.  Everyone online will have beaten it already.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  And besides, by that time Halo:Read and Dead Rising 2 will be out, so who needs some xbla game.  weak.

  • i have to agree with you about the late addition of co-op. however, i'm one to play alone so that doesn't matter much for me. but overall, that feature should have been implemented from the start. bad move.

  • PROTIP: a review is something you write AFTER you've played a game, not something you write to express your opinion on it. get more informed.