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  • Blog Post: L. A. Noire: A good concept that was stretched too thin

    L. A. Noire is certainly a unique game. Following the investigative career of Detective Cole Phelps, a WW2 veteran, the player is thrown headlong into the seedy and mysterious workings behind the scene of an otherwise sparkling 1948 Los Angeles. As the game wears on, the players finds clues to more than...
  • Blog Post: L.A. Noire

    Beginning in 1948 in the city of Los Angeles, L.A. Noire takes a look at the world of cops during the post-World War II era. The star of the game, Cole Phelps, is a war veteran who decided to join the force to protect the people he believes need protecting. Him and his numerous partners work together...
  • Blog Post: LA Noire: Near Perfect

    I have never been accused of being easily impressed before, so the scores I am seeing from many fellow reviewers, although not low by any means, surprise me. So, I decided to write a review just to get my opinions out there. From the opening cinematic alone, seeing John Noble's face on the billboard...
  • Blog Post: Very Different, yet seems to fit so well.

    L.A. Noire is a game that is completely different in itself. Its a crime game from the 40's that is all about the investigation process and finding out what happened, getting into minute details sometimes. People being so hard on this game aren't getting that this game is starting a new revolution...