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New L.A. Noire Trailer Highlights The Art Of Interrogation

The latest Rockstar video focuses on two biggest keys to the L.A. Noire's murder mystery intrigue – interrogation and investigation. 

The video walks you through the typical case progression, from crime scene to the questioning of witnesses and suspects. The more clues you find during your investigations, the more avenues of inquiry will be available in your line of inquiry. Not everyone you question is cooperative, so knowing when to pour on the flattery, go aggressive with a bad cop routine, or blindside them with a critical piece of evidence could catch them off guard and get them to start singing.

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  • This sound like a great, but very hard and long game.. Gotta try it..

  • I kinda want this now. Seeing the gameplay aspects that we are least familiar with in more detail has assuaged some of my doubt. But, I'll still wait for the review.

  • I can't decide which edition I am trying to swoop up.

  • So good

  • Wow. There are some recognizeable faces from the acting world in there.

  • Pre ordered this weeks ago thanks to Game Informers heads up on Gamestop's pre order deal!

  • looks sweet, but it was nice to see the guy who played Tim Allan's brother on Home Improvement in game rendering, made a good case for the facial capture technology even more that I could recognize the guy.
  • Every video I see of this game just pumps me up more! Can't wait!

  • This just gets better and better.

  • the voice animations are amazing

  • Since L.A. Noire is a Rockstar game, I wonder if the character you play as can be wanted just like in other G.T.A. games. I know the guy you play as is a detective and all, but still.

  • L.A. Noire seems to be a much slower game than Rockstar's previous installments. Still, the interactive interrogation and (almost disturbingly) realistic facial features are gunna make this game a best seller.

  • this looks so good! i cant wait

  • cool