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New L.A. Noire Trailer Highlights The Art Of Interrogation

The latest Rockstar video focuses on two biggest keys to the L.A. Noire's murder mystery intrigue – interrogation and investigation. 

The video walks you through the typical case progression, from crime scene to the questioning of witnesses and suspects. The more clues you find during your investigations, the more avenues of inquiry will be available in your line of inquiry. Not everyone you question is cooperative, so knowing when to pour on the flattery, go aggressive with a bad cop routine, or blindside them with a critical piece of evidence could catch them off guard and get them to start singing.

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  • Thanks for mentioning me about sending you the tip guys. :(

  • I understand a bit better. The game sounds fantastic!

    The faces look great... I'm pretty sure I recognized the actor that played the guy that could read minds in 'Heroes'. Seems like it doesn't always fit though, might be the body animations. But I kinda think it's their clothes. The hat doesn't move with the guys forehead, the suit doesn't ruffle up right when he's walking.

    Tech's awesome but still only a step in the direction of realistic animations. Can't wait for game nevertheless. :)

  • I must play this game

  • I'm not as wowed as most people are by the visuals in this game. Considering it's effectively an interactive film, the visuals SHOULD look stunning.

    The facial animations are impressive, but not without imperfections... and the relatively new technique being used can be improved upon quite a bit in future games I think. This is definately ushering in a new age for video games. Expect to see more games using similar facial animations and inevitably, high profile actors.

    Still looking forward to it though. Should be a very entertaining series of interactive stories.
  • Amazing. It's at the top of my list. Haven't pre-ordered and would like to see reviews first, but I'm pretty sure this will end up a favorite in my game library.

  • psshhhhh

  • psshhhhh

  • Just reserved my copy at gamestop; I'm pumped for this game.

  • Can't wait for my copy to get here

  • Question: Can we shoot innocent citizens and steal people's cars?
  • Rockstar just doesn't know how to fail, do they?

  • I love the style of trailers that rockstar has been putting out. The same kind they used for Red Dead, which basically sold that for me.

  • This game is amazing! I love every game from rockstar!

  • Wow this game is going to be amazing.

  • wow just wow, i'm really liking the feeling of this game and the way its heading, before I play this game though i will have to rewatch L.A. Confidential, another movie set just like this game with similar story starring Russel Crowe I'm sure both will be amazing

  • Rockstar really is great.

  • Rockstar really is great.

  • I really want to play this game. The interrogation mechanics look really fun, and the full facial emotions make this one of my most anticipated games of the year.

  • Dude! That suspect is from the TV show Heroes! NO WAY! I recognize him!

  • Im not to impressed by this game, sure the animations are great but I never liked Rockstar supported games.  Hated GTA series other than GTA 1 for pc, Hated Red Dead Redemption.  They never stuck with me and when they focus on faces and not much of everything else...that worries me about gameplay.  I will try it from GameFly, but not a buy for me.